Two for One DIY Duvets

The thing about duvet covers is that they’re expensive! Gosh, all bedding is, right? But a nice duvet is like the ferrari of bed coverings. This can get tricky when you fall in love with a designer duvet, but want to have TWO for matching beds in a shared room, like the bunk beds I put in my boys’ shared room, or even to have a second on hand for the laundry switching days.  Duvet DIY-One Little Minute Blog-2 Duvet DIY-One Little Minute Blog-5 Lucky for you, I have simple solution that takes one nice duvet cover, along with one super duper inexpensive duvet, and mashes them up into a set of two for one DIY duvets. It’s just a little cutting along seams, and four long straight seams. Simple as can be for a fantastic, design and budget-friendly result. I’ve partnered with Downy to share the full DIY today! Read More »


Our Wedding

Today Dave and I celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. In so many ways it feels like that’s a really long time, and sort of odd that we could be old enough for the math to work out. In most other ways, I can’t remember much about my life before marriage, and am certain that this journey has been the best, most thrilling, terrifying, character building, and overall joyful part of my life thus far. And we’re only beginning. Our kids are still young, our life is still changing, and our relationship continues to grow, develop, and strengthen with every passing year. Our Wedding-One Little Minute Blog-70 Our Wedding-One Little Minute Blog-33 Dave started this blog for me when we had been married for about 6 months, and I realized that I have never shared photos of our wedding here! Today I’m going to take a little walk down memory lane as I reflect on the day we promised to love, support, and choose each other for the rest of our lives, and the rest of eternity. There isn’t much I’d change about our wedding and it’s accompanying celebration. It still feels like the most fun party we’ve ever been to!

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After School Routine

I had always heard that when kids started elementary school, life got busier. I didn’t have any idea how that could be true. But somehow– between the waking up early, rushing to get to the school on time, the shuffle to let him unwind while still getting homework done, activities accomplished, and last-minute errands run before starting dinner and the bedtime routine– life got busier!  After School Routine-One Little Minute Blog-1 I decided what we needed to calm the crazy a little bit was a solid after school routine. Routines and habits have worked so well for us to managing our energy and expectation, it seemed like a no-fail solution to making our school days a little easier. So, we put a simple after-school routine in place, and so far it’s been a great way to transition into the evening. Read More »


Ikea Hack Plug In Wall Sconces

It was so fun to share my home tour last week both here on my blog and over at Design Mom. Thank you for so many sweet comments and all the love! A few details for the tour were things that had been on my list to complete for a long time, and the idea of photographing my house to share with thousands of strangers pushed me over the edge to complete them. It was great motivation!
Ikea Hack Plug In Sconces-16 One favorite project was these Ikea Hack Plug In Wall Sconces to flank our headboard. Before we had some mismatched lamps on the matching side tables which both looked funny and took up way too much space on the tables. I love the look of sconces, but needed them to be plug-in so we didn’t have to think about rewiring the electrical in the walls. When I stumbled upon these great looking and inexpensive sconces at IKEA (you know, on one of my weekly trips…) I thought they would be great. The problem was that they were hard wired, not plug-in. A quick google search told me it would be simple to DIY the plugs, so I scooped up two cool, striped cords, and the lights, and went home to hack them. Ikea Hack Plug In Sconces-35 I’m not an electrician by any stretch of the imagination. And I also made my first cut into the wire while the plug was STILL PLUGGED IN, nearly killing myself and burning down my house. But, if you’d like to see how simple this little hack can be, read on for full instructions.  Read More »


Home Tour at Design Mom

I’ve been a fan and friend of Gabrielle from Design Mom for a long time. I was pregnant with Milo when she was pregnant with her youngest child June, and starting way back then I admired her clean practical style, honesty about life and motherhood, and the way she celebrates the little things. She has also been a fun supporter and has featured several of my posts on her site over the years, including Milo’s birth story, Eliot’s pregnancy video, and few fun crafts: felted birds, a fabric wreath, and personalized s’more sticks. In addition, she gave me the opportunity to design and sew costumes for one of her kid’s amazing OliveUs videos Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, which was so much fun. I’ve been able to connect and chat with her in real life at the three Alt Summit conferences I’ve attended, and can’t wait to see her again in January when I head out to speak at the conference again! Home Tour-One Little Minute Blog-60 Home Tour-One Little Minute Blog-18 I follow and adore the Living with Kids Home Tour series at Design Mom, and always had thought it would be fun to share our space. It is such a work in progress and with every change over the last couple years it would cross my mind to reach out to her. But then I’d hesitate because there is still so much more to do! I have plans for small changes– some wallpaper here, window treatments there, paint in a few rooms, and some new shelves and cabinets and furniture there, there and there. Isn’t that how it goes?

Then Gabby beat me to it and I got her email invitation to share our home. It was the push of confidence I needed to recognize that although it will always be changing, but it’s good enough to share even today. We often wait for perfection without remembering that the journey is the part that matters, so cheers to the journey! So, I cleaned up, took the kids to a babysitter, and spent a couple hours taking photos of our house. For the record, it’s almost never this clean, and is usually filled to the brim with kids in costume running though the halls, and the latest craft projects strewn across the counters.

My Living with Kids home tour is live now, along with an interview of sorts. The questions aren’t listed, but were meant to guide the story of hour our family and home came to be, as well as some insights about my design process, things I hope my kids will remember, and advice I wish I had known. You can head over to Design Mom to read all about it!
Home Tour-One Little Minute Blog-112 To compliment that post and interview, I thought I’d share a tour with some of the same photos plus a few more, and a walk through style sharing some of the stories and sources for the pieces I have used in here.

So come join me, step inside my home and let me show you around! Read More »

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