Simple Thanksgiving Tabletop DIY on Good Day Austin

  Thanksgiving is in two days! Are you excited? Are you ready? 

This year we’re spending the holiday in Hurricane, Utah with my family (you can catch up with us on Instagram). But before we left town a few days ago, I had a chance to share some simple, inexpensive-yet-chic DIY tabletop ideas on Good Day Austin We filmed last week, and I had a great time carrying bags of live greenery, flowers, and craft supplies around downtown as I headed to the station.  

The short segment aired today, just in time for you to use one or more of my easy ideas on your Thanksgiving table.  Watch the clip HERE  

The ideas I shared were these simple wood block candlesticks, a fresh, flat-lay garland centerpiece, and a simple personalized thankful tablecloth. Each of these ideas stands on its own as a fun tabletop decor, and I love them all together to create a beautiful, rustic, nature-inspired setting.

I’ll get posts for those two up sometime in the next couple weeks, but you can get full instructions now by watching the segment. 
It’s always funny to see myself on film, and hear my voice. I love the chance to share some ideas live though! 


(My tv debut was on this leather craft segment on Studio 5 in Salt Lake last summer. My other favorite video experience was this guest appearance on Made Everyday with Dana.) 

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Recovering from Bleach-damaged Hair

Restoring Damaged Hair-4 If you had told me six-months-ago that I would love my hair today, I wouldn’t have believed you. Back then I was in the middle of what I can only describe as a year-long hairdentinty crisis as I tried to figure out what to do with my mess of stringy, bleach-ravaged hair. It was a daily struggle that made me feel more uncomforable, unbeautiful, and unhappy than any other single personal beauty tragedy that I remember. I know I may sound a bit dramatic, but my recovery from bleach-damaged hair had so many phases and transitions, and with each one I had to sort of reimagine myself. Today I’m partnering with Living Proof to share my road back to healthy hair and a happy sense of self. Restoring Damaged Hair-26 Restoring Damaged Hair-5 I don’t know why I decided to bleach my hair platinum in the first place. I was in a good hair place, and I liked my natural color and shoulder length cut. Maybe it was being post-partum with my third baby and feeling like I needed a change. I usually felt like a change after having my babies, as if having a baby isn’t change enough! I spent 9 hours in the salon, going from deep, chestnut brown through two phases of orange and yellow before landing around pale blonde. It was a fun, definitely new look. I felt energized and somewhat hip. Maybe daring even.

I’m a dedicated DIY-er, historically including my hair, so I bought everything I needed to DIY my roots, and continued to do so every six to eight weeks for several months. Every time I noticed a little bit more damage and some additional light breakage, but I had been warned about that, and felt like it was the price I was paying for being platinum. My hair was all dead and blonde anyway. As the light damage increased on the ends, I felt like they looked a little stringy, so I would cut a few inches off. Then a few more. I had been growing my brown hair out for years, so I started with a pretty solid length, and I was planning on keeping it long despite my frequent trims.
Restoring Damaged Hair-22 During the rinse of what would become my last root touch-up I was in the shower running my hands through my noodle hair (did you know bleached hair feels like noodles? Slippery and a little stretchy? It does.) All of the sudden I realized that the handful of hair I held was not attached to my head anymore. I was inadvertently washing handfuls and handfuls of hair out! Somehow I had over-processed my hair and it was breaking off inches from my head! In disbelief I turned off the water and stopped running my fingers through my totally destroyed hair. I thought for sure I would have to shave my head. I was in shock.

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DIY Wood Block Candlesticks

I have a growing love for candles, but have had a hard time finding simple, chic, affordable candlesticks that I loved. So, I did as any DIY-er would do, and set out to make some on my own. You’ll be surprised by how quick and easy these DIY wood block candlesticks are to make, and I love the modern, bohemian look they have. I already have a set out on my entry table, and another on the mantle. The’ll be your go-to candlesticks for any occasion! DIY Wood Block Candlesticks-15 DIY Wood Block Candlesticks-24 When I went to buy the materials for what I had in my mind, I was pleased to find several sizes of wooden blocks at the local craft store. The larger ones turned out being perfect for a tea-light size candle. When I stacked the smaller ones, I loved the lines and the height.

The hardware store turned out to be another place to find some great, ready-to-use wooden candlesticks (okay, okay, they’re sold as furniture legs, but make the BEST candlesticks, like this bun leg-turned pillar candle base!!) The full tutorials for each of the three DIY wood block candlesticks I made are below. Enjoy!
DIY Wood Block Candlesticks-19

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Around Austin

When we considered moving to Austin, I flew out for a couple days on my own to explore the city and pick up on the overall vibe. You see, I love to really discover the places we live; learn the secret spots, nooks and crannies, and enjoy the small things that make each city different. Because of this tendency to dig deep wherever we settle down, I often am asked for recommendations of things to eat, do and see. Of course, I love to share them, so this new series Around Austin, is going to be another way for me to do that!  Around Austin- Torchy's + Holy Cacao + Austin Mural -One Little Minute Blog-1 Each post will feature a favorite place to eat, and something additional to see or do in the same area, creating a nice bundle of short adventures. To kick off the series today I want to share three favorites! Torchy’s Tacos and the Greetings from Austin Mural are both quintessential Austin experiences, and the third, Holy Cacao has become a not-to-be-missed spot in my book!
Around Austin- Torchy's + Holy Cacao + Austin Mural -One Little Minute Blog-13 On my first day in Austin, almost three years ago, I got a bunch of advice from friends on Instagram about where to eat and Torchy’s Tacos came up about five times! I had been exploring on the famous South Congress Street, and noticed there was a Torchy’s Truck a few blocks away, on South 1st street. I didn’t realized then that I had stumbled upon the original Torchy’s trailer, and that the taco stand had blown up in recent years to include over 30 stores all over Texas (and a recent new one in Boulder, CO.) All I knew was that the tacos were amazing, and the chips and queso were an introduction to a new addiction. So. Good.   
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Fall Boots + Caramel Apple Pie

Thank you to DSW Shoes for sponsoring this post.

It has only sort of felt like fall for a couple weeks here in Texas, and even then mostly in the mornings and evenings. We’re jumping right into the season in every way we can find, though, including busting out the boots and sweaters, and eating all the pumpkin and apple deliciousness we can find. I’m excited to partner with DSW Shoes today to share some of my favorite fall boot styles as well as a bonus recipe for a crazy good and really simple caramel apple pie.  Easy As Caramel Apple Pie-One Little Minute Blog-5 Easy As Caramel Apple Pie-One Little Minute Blog-3 When I first dreamed up this post about fall and pie last week, what I really wanted to do was take the kids to an orchard to pick apples. In Virginia, that was an annual family tradition and felt like our way of welcoming the cooler weather and turning of seasons. When I looked up Texas apple orchards and discovered the nearest one to us was around three hours away, we did the next best thing and pulled on our boots and jeans to head to the apple aisle in our favorite local market. We picked a peck of Granny Smiths for baking and jazz Apples for crunching raw, then headed home.  Read More »

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