BOUND Midi Shirt Dress

After almost a year without buying clothes or regularly sewing new ones, I’m stepping back in with more intention, and creating things I really love. This midi shirt dress made with BOUND voile from Art Gallery Fabrics fits the bill all the way. (Oh, and I got bangs!) Green Shirt Dress-20 Green Shirt Dress-21 This dress really feels like everyday wear to me, and there is a very good chance it will be (as in, I may never want to take it off!) The length and pockets make it practical for my life chasing the boys and picking up after my whirlwind of an almost-two-year-old. The short sleeves and lightweight voile make it ideal for the Texas summers by itself, or layered with a cardigan and boots for the very mild Texas winter. I love this green, and the subtle print. It’s basically an overall win. Read More »


DIY Baggy Booty Shorties

Baggy Booty Shorties-2

I love baby shorts, especially when they have a fun shape and different design, like bubble shorts or drop-crotch shorties. I made Plum these baggy booty shorties during nap time, and when she woke up and I tried them on her, I literally squealed with delight because the combination of the baggy shorts and her chubby legs made me swoon.
Baggy Booty Shorties-5 Baggy Booty Shorties-4 All of the sudden, my baby has become a cruiser. Not just a toddler, mind you, but a full climb on top of everything, race through the house sort of girl. She is a ball of joy, and I love making new outfits for her that play up the fun, sweet girl that she is.  I’m excited to share both the free pattern and full step by step instructions for these baggy booty shorties today. Isn’t the off-center drawstring cute? It’s one of my favorite parts!  Read More »


DIY Giant Paper Flower Arch

Last Thursday I was invited to create a big photo installation for a party that I was planning to attend on Saturday, just two days later. After some quick brainstorming, a supermarket-sweep style trip to Hobby Lobby just before close on Thursday night (so fun!), two very late nights cutting and glueing, and then a morning wiring and styling, this DIY giant paper flower arch came to life even better than I had imagined it. DIY Paper Flower Arch -One Little Minute Blog-10 DIY Paper Flower Arch -One Little Minute Blog-2 DIY Paper Flower Arch -One Little Minute Blog-26 It comes at no surprise that I love to make things. Almost anything, actually, and especially interesting, beautiful, and inspiring things. When my very dear and old friend Danielle, who is the marketing and events manager at the new Bumble App asked me if I would be interested in creating a photo area installation for their summer lake party here in Austin, I was thrilled and of course took the job. She had been toying with some inspiration images of yellow tissue pom poms, and then turned the project over to me with the direction that it should be “elegant, classy, and fun.”  The idea was to create a beautiful and photogenic setting, like the balloon and floral basket chair I designed and created for Alt Summit in June.

Read More »


Weekend on South Padre Island, TX

South Padre Island -One Little Minute Blog-2 A couple weeks ago I needed a summer vacation. We have been doing so many fun things this summer, both at home and around town on adventures, but I wanted to go to THE BEACH! My whole family was driving from Utah to California for a weekend at Santa Cruz, and I very nearly got in the car and headed the 24 hours out there, too. Then I woke up and booked a last-minute vacation rental to spend the weekend on South Padre Island, TX just six hours from Austin, and as it turns out, as beautiful a beach vacation as any we’ve had!
South Padre Island -One Little Minute Blog-3 South Padre Island -One Little Minute Blog-4 Honestly, I was a little skeptical. We have lived in Texas for two years and none of our friends had been to South Padre. We have heard some talk about “Texas beaches” like they’re not really worth the time and it’s better to take beach vacations out of state. My sister had mentioned that she and her family loved visiting South Padre during the years they lived in San Antonio, and so we decided to give it a go. I’m so glad we did. Read More »


The Perfect Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress-21 Everyone needs a little black dress. Right? That’s what I’ve heard for years, but I never had one myself until now. When I saw this Little Black Dress screenprint by the talented Danielle Leatham of The Yellow Cabinet shop I not only wanted to hang the darling print in my studio, I also wanted to create the perfect little black dress with the same, classic silhouette. I feel hugely inspired by Danielle’s art prints, cool kids tee shirts, and exploring her shop was a good push of motivation to stretch my creative muscles and sew something timeless for myself.  Little Black Dress-4
The Little Black Dress has a lot of history, dating back to the early 1900’s when black was most often worn for mourning. After World War I, it was being worn so often it no longer was so unusual to see, and in 1926 Coco Chanel published her little black dress design in American Vogue, effectively making it an iconic and versatile addition to every woman’s wardrobe. It was about time I added one to mine.  Read More »

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