A Busy Bird

Does every toddler go through an “impossible to photograph” stage? 
I mean, I know I’m not a professional, he’s 17 months old, it was just after dinner and just before bed, the lighting was tungsten, we were in our 900 sq feet, he has a diaper rash (thus no diaper) and I strapped him into some (albeit adorable) felt wings and wool beanie for some “quick snapshots” to send to the little bird costume customer…but puh-lease, can’t I get just ONE good one? Apparently not:)
(running from the camera)
(pulling off the beanie)
(beanie removal a success)
(king of the table)
(finished with being king of the table)
(beanie back on… “Dave, just hold him there for a sec…”)
(finally a smile…as one wing comes unstrapped)
(wants down)
(done and done.)
At least the wings and beanie are darling, right? Cross those off the list!
Actually, I really do like how much my recent photos of Milo reflect the whirlwind of energy that he has. He is nonstop. I wonder where he gets that? I almost dressed him up to take to the park and try again for some better ones today, but, the costume is going in the mail anyway. I’ll spend that extra time and energy when he’s in his own costume this year. A monkey costume. Fitting, right?

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  1. ivyjeanne
    Posted September 30, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Permalink

    So darling…both Milo and the costume. He sure makes a cute but busy little bird. I'm not sure how those little guys have so much energy but I'd sure like to siphon some off to use for myself at times. Can't wait to see the monkey costume.

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