Hello Week,

Whew. I like Mondays. I especially like this Monday, as it is the beginning of the end of the  wonderful and fantastically busy Halloween holiday. Over the weekend I wrapped up a few items, and in the next few days I will wrap up a few more. Then I will find myself a good book and a mug of hot cocoa and a pair of fuzzy slippers and an ocean sounds Pandora station, and I will rest for a moment.
 Before heading to New York City for the Jimmy Fallon Show this Friday, then creating an awesome formal for a friend’s black tie fundraiser, then visiting cousins in Richmond for Dave to take an exam, then going back to Richmond again the next weekend to run an 8k, then hopping on the plane with my eighteen-month-old to fly across the country for Emmy’s wedding and Thanksgiving, then going back three weeks later for Christmas. Yep. Really loving Monday today. 
Here’s a couple of the things we did over the weekend:
Last splash of the season. Milo and I went to see the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History, and he took a little dip on the way home. It has actually been nice and warm during the daytime, so I thought I’d let him enjoy himself. He’s a doll face.
Missy and I spent three long nights getting cozy with her letterpress. And, tonight project hand-letterpress-too-many-wedding-invitations will be finished! Doesn’t that stack of 600 cards look daunting? I’ll have a full report as soon as they’re in the mail and my photos won’t be spoilers.
One last custom Halloween costume of 2010! A simple and adorable version of Dorothy of Oz. Seriously Halloween is the best. You just wait until you see photos of my Monkey! He trunk-or-treated it up with the best of them this Saturday. Sort of weird that Halloween is over for us before it even happened! And ironic that I sewed so many costumes this year, and “Tarzan” Dave fastened my Cheetah print “Jane” dress on with safety pins! Classic. I do have one punk-rock gown remaining from Etsy, but it is for a birthday party. And, I am really excited about creating a floor-length black formal in the next couple weeks. Oh, and maybe my bridesmaid dress, too.
Speaking of weddings, I offered to take some last minute bridals for a friend whose dress I altered, and finally finished editing through them. This is one of my favorites. Don’t you adore that birdcage veil?
And, last but not least, family portraits for a good friend and early morning running partner. We’re all about a good barter, and she volunteered to watch Milo for our overnighter in the City in return for a (very amateur) hand to hold the camera for these pics. Her two boys were amazingly attentive…especially when I hovered the string cheese above the lens! My key to getting a good one was taking 400+ shots, and in a quick sift, this one stuck out. I love the sunlight on their faces and the vibrant leaves in the background. Oh, autumn. It’s going to come and go in a hurry, I suspect.
Well, that sums it up, I guess. 
I’m going to get to that punk rock gown. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Happy Monday.

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