Meet Marley

We got a bulldog. 
His name is Marley (because of the startling resemblance to Jacob…).
He was half-off at the Potter Barn Outlet and my heart went out. I was overcome with a desire to rescue him, so I did. 
 Marley is likely the only dog we’ll have for a long time, if ever (despite the incredible cuteness of my little sister’s new pup.) Marley is a useful dog, specially trained in opening bottles.
 We made him a cozy home in the dining room, just where we thought he’d be easily accessed for our bottle-opening needs. 
Now, the only time that we really open bottles is once every month–on the 5th–when Dave and I celebrate our month-a-versary with a toast of sparkling cider.
 Well, it’s a good thing Marley is cute, because it turns out he is specially trained in opening other types of bottles than Martinelli’s.  
And turns out those other types of bottles he can open (when I buy them only so I can use Marley to open them), end up spraying across the room (and running down the wall, and on the carpet…and who puts carpet in the dining room anyway? I digress…) 
Turns our Marley’s not all that useful after all.
 So, it’s a good thing Home Depot supplied me with this handy dandy paint can opener/bottle opener a few years ago so that Dave and I can get into the bubbly.
Today Dave and I will toast 57 months of happy marriage, our two energetic and wonderful boys, and our cute but useless dog.

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  1. Carly Anne
    Posted July 5, 2011 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    HA. Well, he sure looks cool. That's the important thing, right?

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