5 years ago today

we tied the knot.
07780012 5 years ago today
Dave and I switch off years for planning the anniversary, and this is my year! I’ve got a few little surprises for him, but of course don’t want to spill the beans here:) I’ll share all of the fun next week.
I started blogging a few months after we were wed, and never shared any of my wedding day, so today you get a little deluge! We had such a fantastic ceremony and the most fun party I’ve ever been to. I guess it helped that we chose all of the details, so it was pretty perfect for us! The time has flown, and life has only gotten sweeter since Dave and I became each other’s forever.
98810006 5 years ago today
98810014 5 years ago today
The photographer: Jonathan Canlas. All images on this post by him.

05490014 5 years ago today
05490022 5 years ago today
The dress: I designed and had custom made by Penelope. I still love details like the sweet heart neckline, knotted back, and deep olive sash.
ring5 5 years ago today
ring1 5 years ago today 

The rings: I designed mine with a simple circle diamond, bezel set in yellow gold almost flush with the wide, white gold band. We had it made by Alex Hughes at O.C. Tanner. We still marvel at how it turned out literally exactly like my drawing. Alex also made my wedding band, which isn’t pictured. I’ll have to show you sometime. It’s really pretty:) I found Dave’s two-tone ring at, ahem…the mall. It was exactly what I was looking for, white gold with inset yellow gold bands.

07820008 5 years ago today
The ceremony: We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. For eternity is the way to marry:)
07780005 5 years ago today
 The shoes: Yes. I wore Uggs. It was October in Utah! I wore them yesterday, too:)
07780019 5 years ago today
08020004 5 years ago today
 The groom: Makes me laugh. A lot.
07910023 5 years ago today
The reception: In my parent’s back yard in Holladay, Utah. There was an olive branch on our invitation, so I used olive tree sprouts from California planted in cylinders for some live centerpieces. The guest book was our dating story in photos ordered from mypublisher.
knot2 5 years ago today
The monogram: Dave and I spent the night before our wedding stapling a billion lemon leaves to this giant ‘A’ that he had jigsawed out of foam. Romantic, right? But seriously, didn’t it turn out cool?!
07910024 5 years ago today
knot1 5 years ago today
The flowers: My mom arranged all of the flowers for the wedding. We stuck with all variations of greens and whites. My favorites had artichokes sticking out!
knot3 5 years ago today
knot4 5 years ago today
07910012 5 years ago today
The food: Sandwiches from Sugarhouse BBQ, Salads and a Hot Chocolate Bar with lots of fun flavors and mix ins.
knot5 5 years ago today
The beverage: H2O.
07910035 5 years ago today
The cake: Double chocolate with almond fondant and ganache olive branches.
07930032 5 years ago today

 I don’t remember the flavor, but have proof that I got at least a bite!
07930033 5 years ago today
I do remember the kiss tasted good;)
07930001 5 years ago today
 The band: Joe Muscalino. There’s a reason he is so popular for Utah weddings. He’s a hit every time.
07860012 5 years ago today
The setting: Tents and trees covered in twinkle lights. Tables, chairs, and heaters for the guests. A huge dance floor for our dance. We danced…
07840036 5 years ago today
 and danced
07890007 5 years ago today
and danced
07900023 5 years ago today
 and sang
07890010 5 years ago today
and danced
07840029 5 years ago today
and danced
knot6 5 years ago today
and dipped:)
07840004 5 years ago today
07840009 5 years ago today
The bouquet toss: Caught by my good friend and bridesmaid Sheryl.
07890034 5 years ago today

The departure: Through twinkling trees and sputtering sparklers. Filled with excitement and starry eyed with love.
And still are.
pixel 5 years ago today


  1. Sarah
    Posted October 6, 2011 at 1:45 am | Permalink

    AH! Love. Love it all. You have such amazing taste.

  2. Melanie
    Posted October 6, 2011 at 4:17 am | Permalink

    Oh that was a wonderful day! Happy #5! Love you all

  3. Aline Kaehler
    Posted October 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    Congratulations!!!!! Looks like it was perfect! :)

  4. hernewleaf
    Posted October 7, 2011 at 2:58 am | Permalink

    So beautiful! I LOVE the ties on the back of your dress, such a unique detail!

  5. Sheryl
    Posted October 11, 2011 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    Loved that day. Love you guys together. Congrats bestie.

  6. Sophie-Charlotte Chapman
    Posted October 18, 2011 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    love your dress ! happy to have discovered your blog last night thanks to liz stanley online class ! thanks for your comment on my blog : http://frenchomemade.blogspot.com/

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