29 things (a little gift guide for that twenty-something girl you know)

While I’m making lists, I thought I’d share another fun one: 29 things I would want for my birthday if I didn’t already own them (aka 29 of my favorite things). In no particular order:

my kitchen wipes dispenser (pictured above). I looked all over for something like this to put my Clorox wipes in on the counter. Then spotted this perfect, simple stainless steel one a few months ago on eBay and got it, and I haven’t seen one since! If I spot a source, I’ll let you know. It’s awesome.

comfy, cute, and slip-on shoes for when my hands are full of children-which is always

my everyday jeans (in chartreuse)

my dress form, makes sewing more fun than it already is

red lipstick, because I’m finally old enough

this simple necklace I’ve worn almost every day since I received it on my 16th birthday

my all time favorite cook book

a close second, which is more like a kitchen textbook (that I could read all.day.long.)

mini latte bowls, for my (almost) daily scoop of ice cream…and everything else

the perfect lens for this amateur’s low light apartment

my iphone-we’ve gone through a lot together…

these silly little picks that have helped me finally floss daily!

the most wonderful baker’s twine ever (I have red and black. It’s a toss up.)

my new water bottles, gracias Costco

the queen of standmixers

nice, sharp knives that will last forever

this powder that adds a little texture to my thin, flat hair (thanks for the tip Cassi!)

these awesome pens that I use every single day (even their case is cool-it stands up on it’s own!)

A neat book for the DIY design lover in me

how could I live without my sil pats?

Ah, wonderful water straight from the fridge

The best Trader Joe’s treat ever (so sorry if you’re an unlucky no-TJ’s person)

This perfect book for keeping track of Milo’s hilariousness

These tiny scissors (that I now hang around my neck when I sew. Indispensable:)

our no mess butter dish-it’s like a little covered butter bowl!

 My trusty early morning running shoes

any of my several striped shirts

boon spoons (old and new) that make baby food a breeze!

I’m a grinder not a shaker-these are the best

Happy Birthday to me! Turns out I already have everything I could possibly need. And what I love most of all is the TIME I get to spend with my boys enjoying all of the above and all that life offers.

Today was the best. We enjoyed traditional birthday aebleskivers at home, ate cupcakes and played at the park in Georgetown, met Missy for empanadas in Dupont Circle, had a little quiet time (otherwise known as nap time-on days that Milo actually naps:), braved a movie with the boys, ate a wonderful picnic style dinner of all of my favorite foods at home, sang Happy Birthday, made a wish, and devoured chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. It could not have been sweeter.

 I’ve got some fun things planned for next week, so enjoy your weekend and check back in Monday!



  1. Posted February 10, 2012 at 11:46 am | Permalink

    Happy Birthday!!! May your next year be at least as wonderful as the last!

  2. Posted February 10, 2012 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

    Okay, missy — first of all, happy birthday! I strongly suggest that you run up and down the street naked in your twenty-something body while you still have it, at least once per day. That is some seriously good advice from a thirty-something, peeking-around-the-corner-at-forty woman who did not do NEARLY enough prancing around naked before Slowing Metabolism and Gravity joined forces with the mean people at Spanx, conspiring against my hopes of ever prancing around naked in public again.

    Second, I call Ageism! You don’t have to be young and spry to dig the good stuff on your list. I am seriously coveting that Clorox wipes dispenser, because I have a can of those wipes in every single bathroom due to the inability of my sons and husband to consistently hit the target. TMI? Anyway, you have set me off on a search to find those now. I also have a red stand mixer that I can’t live without (mine’s Kitchenaid, though, and my husband calls it Big Red), and although I don’t have one yet, a dress form IS on my Wish List. I just need to figure out which one to get — then I read these crazy DIY articles for making your own dress form by wrapping yourself in duct tape… Then I wonder if I really need a dress form at all. Is it just a body-shaped hanger to drape your in-progress garments on between sewing sessions, or does it really help you to sew better fitting clothes? The commercial dress forms just don’t look anything like my shape and I don’t know how adjustable they are.

    So, when you’re done with your birthday revelry, please consider a post explaining how you use your dress form, what you like about it, etc. Pretty please and thank you. I have sewn lots of quilts and draperies, but every time I’ve tried to sew something that’s supposed to fit my own body it’s been a disappointment at best, if not an outright disaster.

    Happy Birthday, Miranda!

  3. Posted February 10, 2012 at 3:47 pm | Permalink

    Okay, I still can’t find a stainless wipes dispenser like yours, but I did find this DIY tutorial for sprucing up a plastic wipes canister with fabric and something called Mod Podge, and I thought it looked like a Miranda project: http://decorganizecrafts.blogspot.com/2011/04/cleaning-wipes-covers.html

  4. Kate
    Posted February 10, 2012 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

    love that i could have guessed some of those:) and love the things i wouldn’t have. glad you had such a fabulous day. couldn’t agree more with the TJ’s treat, though right this very minute i am digging into some dark chocolate PB cups and they are pretty darn good. love you!

  5. Posted February 15, 2012 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

    I’ve awarded you and your amazing blog the Versatile Blogger award! I hope you can accept it – details are at http://ajennuinelife.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blogger-award.html

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