30 Minute Hoodie Refashion

A couple weeks ago I noticed that Milo’s sweatshirt sleeves were looking a little short. If he were a girl, I might have pushed them up a bit and called them 3/4 length, but this little stud wouldn’t get away with that. Plus, it’s getting cold outside, and he needed an outer layer. Now, I am oddly conditioned to not buy kid’s clothes, since my generous older sister has always donated her son’s piles to us as hand-me-downs. Even though the clothes stop at 2T (when I give them back for her younger son to use) I have never really gotten into the habit of shopping for my kids! Weird, I know. So, rather than run to the store and grab him a new hoodie, I thought it would be easier to just bust out a refashion of one of my old adult sweatshirts I had in the refashion pile. 

The whole process took about 25 minutes, start to finish. I used his too-small hoodie as a loose pattern, adding about an inch to the sides and and sleeves. I used all of the existing cuffs and pockets on my adult hoodie (which was just a plain pull-over) and then added new grommets to the hood for the laces to thread out. The zipper I had on hand was about 2″ too short for this project, so I just added the little snap flap to keep the top closed, and it quickly became my favorite detail! I also kind of love the oversized pockets that Milo fills with pinecones and sticks when we go to the park. I serged all of the seams, but since sweatshirt fleece is so forgiving, it could be zig zagged with a regular machine and left raw without a problem.

Milo is still thrilled about his new hoodie. I haven’t done a whole lot of sewing for my kids (again, because they have never lacked clothes!) but seeing how happy Milo is to wear something that I made for him just might get me sewing for him often. It’s pretty cool.


  1. Posted November 19, 2012 at 5:24 pm | Permalink

    I love when you post things like this! It took me a moment to realize you were refashioning an ADULT sized hoodie to fit Milo — I was looking at the picture, trying to figure out where you added fabric to his old one to make the sleeves longer! So you got me thinking — my husband pulled out one of his favorite cashmere pullovers and found that a moth had chomped a hole in it a few inches up from the front hemline. It’s such a nice, soft, snuggly sweater, and it’s a men’s XL Tall… Do you think I could do something like what you did here, but with a sweater? My sons wear size 10 and 12 now. I’d try to reuse the v-neck and the sleeve cuffs, but I’d have to do something different with the hem — either cut off the existing hem and seam it to the “new” sweater, or else do some kind of serger cover hem to the bottom of the sweater. What do you think, O Queen of Creative Upcycling? Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving, by the way! 🙂

    • Miranda
      Posted November 19, 2012 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

      Good eye, I’ve edited the post to be more clear that it was one of MY old hoodies I refashioned for him. Yes! I totally think you can refashion your husband’s sweater for one of your boys. Definitely use the v-neck and sleeve cuffs. For the hem you can try to cut 1/4″ from the knit cuff, and then just serge it back on to the hem of the new sweater. That would probably look the best. You could either take a pattern off of one of your son’s existing sweaters, or use a favorite pattern and simply lay the pieces right onto the XL sweater to cut them out! Good luck! (I dream of having cashmere to upcycle:) xo

  2. kate
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 9:45 pm | Permalink

    you are amazing!

  3. Lizzy
    Posted November 20, 2012 at 12:39 pm | Permalink

    Cool! I have done something like this but with no hood, I had a sweatshirt and turned it in to pants and a vest for my little 2 years old niece.

  4. Posted November 28, 2012 at 2:50 am | Permalink

    awesome. this is pretty much exactly what I ended up doing for merritt’s coat refashion. It turned out great except for maybe a little long..which I blame on Allan cause he told me to make it long. Why do i listen?!

  5. Tracy King
    Posted January 11, 2013 at 7:19 am | Permalink

    I love this! Thanks for the great picture explanation and the smiling pics of your son. I just might try this someday soon. I dislike buying clothes for my kids and love hand me downs but they don’t always fit.

  6. Posted May 28, 2013 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    He is lovely! My kids are all freaks as soon as I turn the camera on them (this seemed to start with their newborn photos!). Love the sweater hoodie! I have a pile of sweaters that could be up cycled, but I doubt I would manage anything as awesome as this 🙂

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