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Energy is Everything // Eliminating...

Energy is Everything // Automate Re...

Energy is Everything // Creating a ...

Energy is Everything

Engage vs. Observe and Four Other T...

Love is all we need…

Smitten by Smitten Kitchen

Flat Tire Friday

Goals and God

Six months, oh my!

I’m a winner, you’re a ...

Sticky Fingers and other thoughts

Force Quit and Restart

Life is good, just not perfect

The Most Ridiculous Wound

25 Hours A Day

What’s Up?

Nap Time

Postpartum: Pros and Cons

Life, lately

Meet Marley

An Independence Day Flashback

DIY Ombre Highlights

Want to be a ROCK STAR?

Friday Friday Friday

Good Omen

The Curious Incident of the Phone(s...

Ode to Our Car…RIP

A few of my favorite things

DIY inkjet cartridges (like dying E...

New Lunch System: Sistema

For Japan with Love: Bloggers Day o...

Happy Friday!

Waffle Therapy

A quick comment on comments

My favorite new .com

A Shout Out to Blue Olive Design!

Special Delivery

Freedom’s Run

Ready to Run

My Write to Run

Borrowed Garden

A Good Tornado

Blind Love (and peach preserves)

Becoming That Mom


In The Life

We Rescued a Turtle

Uh oh…

One Little Moment


Back to Life, Back to Reality…...

Special Opps

Sunflowers and Jellybeans

Another Shopping Story

"…popcorn popping in the...

Getting Groceries

Downtown DC

There’s No Wrong Way to Eat a...

Hello Nightie

Three Years To Thirty

SnOverkill Virginia 2010

This is a test. It is only a test: ...

Ikea Youkea

A Shopping Story


360 degrees of beautiful!

Use It or Lose It

Revolution in Mommyhood

how to maximize a cross country fli...

Tagged? Really?

A Quandary

If I don’t speak French in 6 ...

Getting Carded

I must have been tired

No Internet…

Happy Earth Day!!

Like Brushing with Hot Tamales!!

I Beat Dave in Scrabble

Desperate for Summer

Cloth Diapers…the 3Ds why.

Remember getting lost at Disneyland...

Missionary Moment

The Academy Awards…

I need a vacation…

Dear Me 2010,

A New Way To Eat

Christmas…Where are you??


Maroon Sweatsuit

Confession of a Water Waster

Things I Love Today…


My New Toothbrush

Local Food-CSA

Time and Soda

Trouble Sleeping?

VACATION…it´s good for the s...

3 Good Reasons to Buy a BIKE

"Exfoliate" is the answer

Clearly OCD


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