Becoming Mother

When Milo, my firstborn, was one month old, I reflected on my blog “The process of becoming a parent is fascinating and progressive.”

Little did I understand then exactly how fascinating and progressive it is. Even now, six years from having my first baby, I don’t know how well I understand. Becoming a mother is something that began long before I was pregnant, and will carry on long after I leave this world. It is a part of my every decision, my every day, and the very makeup of my person. It is the most overwhelming, and most beautiful journey with all of the ups and downs that accompany any process of learning, changing, and indeed becoming. 
Becoming Mother-One Little Minute Blog
I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I grew up in a big family with a loving and supportive mother who challenged me to be my best, try new things, work hard, be patient, and find happiness all along the way. For how wonderful she was, I of course had times when I would write motherhood notes in my journal to my future self. Things like “When you ask your kids to weed in the yard, go out and weed with them.” -Miranda, age 11. Even from young, I thought of myself as a future mother, and tried to prepare myself with some of these little bits of advice. Read More »


5 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Sunnies this Summer

I go through sunglasses like water in the summer. Somehow they just disappear and I’m never sure what happened! I have tried to be more mindful, because finding that just-right pair of sunnies can be tricky and I’d love to keep them around for longer than a few months, but not much helped until I got serious about finding some solutions. Today I’m going to let you in on a few of my tried and true secrets. I’ve partnered with Zenni Optical, where you can turn any frames into amazing sunglasses, to bring you these 5 tips for keeping track of your sunnies this summer!
Keep Track of Your Sunglasses! -One Little Minute Blog-7 Read More »


Guest appearance on MADE Everyday with Dana

One of the best parts of moving to Austin was already having some friends when I got here. Like Dana, who I had known forever online, met in real life at Alt, and then became such good real-life friends with. She’s spunky and creative, and down-to-earth, and talented. I was thrilled and flattered when she asked me to come on as a guest to her YouTube sewing channel MADE Everyday to help teach how to make a simple pair of leggings. MADE video with Miranda from One Little Minute
Dana + Miranda Make Leggings DIY kids leggings with a serger MADE with One Little Minute MADE leggings video DIY with Miranda from One Little Minute If you’ve been a reader here for a while, you know that I adore sewing with stretchy knits (and even did a whole series about that!) So sharing my simple method for drafting and whipping up a pair of kiddo leggings was a fun thing to share. I went with an all serger method that uses a yoga waistband and a trick hem so that the entire pair of leggings can be made just on the serger itself.
MADE leggings video with Miranda from OLM
Dana showed how to use an adult tee shirt and turn it into some simple leggings with an elastic waistband. Both are such great, easy methods for sewing for kids, and some of the same ideas can be used to make bigger leggings too! Also, if you’re looking for an adult leggings tutorial, I’ve got a great step-by-step here!
MADE with Dana and Miranda The setup for filming was incredible. I think there were five cameras on at any given moment, including an overhead camera that shows the materials and techniques from a bird’s eye view. The crew was super nice and understanding as I learned how to speak clearly into my hidden mic, explain simply as I worked through the steps, and smile a lot! The actual filming happened back in the fall, just before I went platinum, hence the throwback hair color. But the finished video was just released to view, and you can check it out here on MADE Everyday! MADE Leggings with One Little Minute-1 We clearly enjoyed ourselves, and I can’t wait to do it again!


Animal Jam Animal Hood DIY

Animal Hood DIY- One Little My kids are obsessed with animals, and with dressing up. So it was only a matter of time before I found a way to marry the two in a more socially acceptable than full-costume-everyday sort of way! I’m excited to partner with Animal Jam to share a fun and simple DIY for a couple different animal hoodies that can be worn anytime (and if your kids are like mine, that means all-the-time.) I kept them super simple in style and steps, and I love how they came out.
Animal Hood DIY- One Little Animal Hood DIY- One Little The kids each chose their favorite Animal Jam character for their animal hood (I chose for Plum because, baby in bunny ears? How could I resist!)

My boys have just started getting into playing computer and video games, and I am quite selective about what I let them use. Animal Jam has been really fun for them and I appreciate that it has been developed as a safe, learning environment. They love creating their avatar animal, going on adventures and collecting new animal facts along the way. When they’re a little bit older, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the social engagement piece, too. We just learned about the Animal Jam Academy, where we can take some of the learning offline in the form of simple science projects and coloring pages. These will be a total lifesaver in the upcoming long days of summer! Animal Hood DIY- One Little Do you have a kid who loves animals, too? He or she would probably love Animal Jam, and you can follow the simple steps below to create a bunny hood, wolf hood, or tiger hood, or use the ideas to make your own favorite animal to become offline! Read More »


Five Minute Apple Pie Bowl

Applesauce Pie Bowl One Little Minute Blog-4 I know it’s springtime, and the season of berries and citrus and fresh herbs. And we’re feeling those around here, too. But my kids love apples all year round! We always have them on hand, and they’re a favorite anytime snack. The boys have a special fondness for homemade apple pie, which I make on occasion, but not all the time. This quick and delicious Apple Pie Bowl is a great alternative! Read More »

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