A Heart Rice Warmer and Other Ways to Show Love

Last week I had a minor surgery, and was told to expect about a week of recovery time. I have been blown away by the love and support of my dear friends who have been incredibly thoughtful and kind as I have rested and recovered. I want to share some of the sweet things they’ve done, because it has been a great reminder for me of some simple ideas we can use to show love for friends when they’ve gone through a hard time, whether it be illness, surgery, having a baby, or just having a hard day.
A Heart Rice Warmer and Other Ways to Show Love-One Little Minute-9

A Heart Attack and Other Ways to Show Love-One Little Minute-2 A Heart Attack and Other Ways to Show Love-One Little Minute-1 A Heart Attack

Have you heard of this fun practice of putting hearts all over someone’s door? It’s something I had seen done with youth groups before, but never for a friend. I almost died when my mom told me I should come to the door and see. My friends had organized and written notes, cut out hearts, and stuck them all over the door! One friend even hand crocheted a heart garland to hang across the doorway.

I’ve felt so loved, I haven’t taken them down yet. The DHL delivery man even wrote a note on the back of his door hanger with my package that said ” Surgery is tough, hang in there!” after seeing the display of love. 
Oreos and Other Ways to Show Love-One Little Minute-6


You can’t really go wrong delivering a sweet treat to a friend. I had mentioned that I was craving Oreos when I woke up from sedation, and the next day a friend showed up with a package of double stuff (plus a bag of Lindt truffles). Simple pleasures, and such a thoughtful way to reach out and show love. Read More »


Small Office in Master Bedroom

Small office in Master Bedroom -- Father's Day with Framebridge- One Little Minute Blog-7 For Father’s Day, I wanted to create a small office in the Master Bedroom for Dave, who often works from home. He previously had his computers set up in the laundry room (since we turned the home office into a playroom). But the laundry room is a small space, with no windows, and is generally piled with…well, dirty laundry.

So, even though I had been reluctant to have a work space in our bedroom (you know, keep it as a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, all of that.) This was a much better option than the laundry room. Also, it gave me a chance to think about our bedroom with some intention, and as it is usually one of the more neglected rooms because it’s not often seen, I loved being able to focus on it, even just a corner at a time. 
Small office in Master Bedroom -- Father's Day with Framebridge- One Little Minute Blog-2 I was lucky to get the office all put together well before Father’s Day, and the timing worked out beautifully, because with my surgery yesterday, Dave has been able to work right here next to the bed where I’m resting and recovering. It’s already feels like a fun space to be able to enjoy together.

I replaced his bedside table with this simple desk, and the DIY bedside sconce works perfectly as a desk light. The chair was pulled from the other room, cactus repotted to match the marbled terra cotta planter I made a few months ago with my Crafter’s Box kit, and the matching mini-gallery wall of frames all went up easy peasy.
Small office in Master Bedroom -- Father's Day with Framebridge- One Little Minute Blog-6 Because I partnered with Framebridge to have a grouping of cool old photographs, and special prints all framed for this office gallery wall ahead of time, I was able to organize, arrange, and decorate the whole space in just a few hours. They are such an awesome company and I’ve loved working with them before (they framed the huge Hermès scarf for Plum’s nursery). I was thrilled to dig some old, sentimental, and unusual pieces out from drawers and cupboards to finally have framed for display. Read More »


Mirena IUD lost in my abdomen

This post isn’t my usual inspiration for motherhood and making, but I’m headed in for an unusual surgery today and wanted to share a little about it. My Mirena IUD got lost in my abdomen, which apparently happens to less than 1% of the estimated 2 million women in the United States using it right now. But, it happened to me. Peonies Forever - One Little Minute Blog I first had the Mirena inserted about a month before Dave and I were married. I have never been very consistent with regular medication and knew that taking a pill would be hit and miss for me. Also, I had heard such varied symptoms with the many different birth control pills available, I decided that the low-dose hormone in the Mirena would be a good fit for me. After the initial day of spotting and cramping I never had another issue with it, and as an added bonus, I didn’t have a period. At all. Not even the symptoms or the moodiness or anything. I felt amazing and totally converted. When we wanted to have our first baby, I had it removed and we conceived before my first cycle. So, any worry I had about long-term affects were gone.

Between Milo and Eliot, the time-frame was too tight to have another inserted. I had a miscarriage, then became pregnant and had baby #2. After Eliot, I was ready for a longer break, and had my second Mirena inserted when he was around 2 months old. Again, no symptoms, no period, no daily remembering. I had a great experience with the IUD and was happy to recommend it to whoever asked. And again, once we were ready to grow the family again, I had no problem getting pregnant.

So naturally, once Plum was born I was ready to go for round three with the Mirena. No reason to fix something that wasn’t broken. Since she’s our last baby, I planned to have it in place for the full 5 years, then at that point decide if we wanted to to something more permanent. I had it inserted at about 8 weeks postpartum. Then two weeks later went back in to have it checked and everything was great, so that was that! Or so I thought. Read More »


Routine and Flexibility with Olly Nutrition

Managing a household with three little kids and (and a new puppy) can feel crazy. Often times I’m scrambling to figure out what the best way to handle the next emergency, unexpected situation, or imbalanced energy levels as the day ebbs and flows. Through the last seven years of being a mom I’ve come to realize that there is a special formula to success that involves building a regular, routine schedule that everyone can plan on, and then being flexible enough to toss it to the wind when necessary.
Routine + Flexibility find Balance- One Little Minute Blog-8 Routine + Flexibility find Balance- One Little Minute Blog-3 A few weeks ago I went away to a conference for the weekend. When I returned Dave had implemented a bedtime routine that got all the homework done, play room cleaned, piano practiced, and accommodated three baths, three teeth brushes, and stories for everyone without complaining. I was floored, and grateful for a system that took the guesswork out of one of the toughest times of the day. That routine has become the baseline for our evenings, and works great. And on days that something doesn’t go according to plan–someone is sick, we get home late, or mamma is too tired, we are able to adjust for a night, then get back on schedule.

It’s made me consider what other things I could put onto a regular routine. Basically any healthy habit that we’d like to form, we can create a system for it and with just a small beginning effort, implement it into our life! And adding things to already existing routines helps create an easy reminder system.  Routine + Flexibility find Balance- One Little Minute Blog-1 I’m partnering with Olly Nutrition for the launch of their new kids boosts supplements, which offer individualized blends to meet the nutritional needs of different kiddos. We’re pretty good about taking regular vitamins, and it’s nice to now be able to give each kid a unique boost depending on what their days have been like, what we’re eating or feeling like. Keep the daily vitamin habit routine, but the variety flexible. (Although all three of my kids want to eat the Bones type because of the fun light pink color!) Tummy is perfect for Milo who tends to have a more sensitive stomach, and Immunity will come in handy as the change of seasons wreaks its usual havoc on all of our systems. Also, I can pick them up at Target on my weekly (okay, maybe twice weekly) visits.  Read More »

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Summertime Fire Pit S’more Ice Cream

I’ve always loved s’mores (who doesn’t?) and our new favorite way to enjoy them in the summer is around our wildflower-filled fire pit, in the form of easy to eat s’more ice cream cones. It really doesn’t get much better than hanging out with the kids on a warm summer evening, enjoying the outdoors and some favorite treats. I’m already looking forward to a summer filled to the brim with evenings just like this one.
No-Fire S'more Ice Cream- One Little Minute Blog-3 No-Fire S'more Ice Cream- One Little Minute Blog-2 Growing up in Utah, campfires and s’mores were always a summer affair. I was surprised when we moved to Texas and went looking for fire-wood for our newly-built backyard fire pit, that the stores only carry it in the fall and winter! Because the temperatures don’t drop at night, summertime evenings are way too hot to sit around the fire roasting mallows. We’ve learned to do our open fire roasting in the winter time, when the temps are a little cooler. Read More »


5 Summer Dresses to Sew for Yourself

The summer is almost upon us (I can barely believe it!) and I’m already looking forward to watermelon picnics, pool parties, and wearing my easy breezy summer dresses every day. I’ve made many dresses over the years, and these five simple summer dresses are all easy to make, easy to wear, and will become favorites in your closet.

Drawstring-Box-Dress-One-Little-Minute-Blog-1 Each post contains a full tutorial, with illustrations or photographs, walking you through the process of sewing them up. All of these summer dresses make great beginner sewing projects, because of their simple lines and minimal design.

Five Summer Dresses to Make- One Little Minute Blog-5 1. The Drawstring Texas Summer Dress

This dress has been a long-time favorite of mine. I still get questions and comments about it every time I wear it, which is the sign of a good handmade piece. It’s best made from a lightweight cotton or gauze, and the tutorial teaches a pretty awesome little trick for finished interior seams. Five Summer Dresses to Make- One Little Minute Blog-4 2. The Pocket Tee Shirt Dress

Of all things easy to wear, a tee shirt dress comes up high on the list. It’s cozy like your favorite tee, without the complication of adding something on the bottom! This photo shows it belted, but I usually wear it without. I love this fun chartreuse  jersey knit with a chambray pocket, but any variation would be amazing. The tutorial shows another fun tee-shirt dress variation, too. Two-for-one!
Five Summer Dresses to Make- One Little Minute Blog-3 3. Drop-Waist Dress

This little number uses some fun, unexpected materials to make a fun and feminine summer dress. The drop-waist and paneled bodice give it a tailored look, while keeping it comfortable and easy to move and play in.  Five Summer Dresses to Make- One Little Minute Blog-2 4. Summer Chevron Dress

This was one of the first full dress tutorials I published, and I still love the finished look. Doesn’t it make you want to take a beach vacation? The lines are interesting, the elastic waist simple and comfortable, and the tabbed sleeves finish it all off. You don’t need a special pattern to sew this one, because you use one of your own favorite tees as a starting place!
5 Summer Dresses to Sew for Yourself - One Little Minute Blog
5. Watercolor Caftan

Another simple sew, with big impact. I made this one last year and have worn it as a dress for a luncheon and a cover up at the pool. I love the lightweight fabric, and the loose, bohemian style. The interior tie helps keep some shape, and is a fun trick for other projects as well!

So there are some ideas to start your summer sewing off right! What are you going to make first?


DIY Bistro Light Pergola

Summer is coming and it’s time to think about the yard! Ours is a huge huge project, that will take years to finish, but every little thing helps. This DIY String Light Pergola was a perfect afternoon project, added a definition to the space, and became a favorite hang out spot.  DIY Bistro Light Pergola- World Market Blog- by Miranda Anderson-24 DIY Bistro Light Pergola- World Market Blog- by Miranda Anderson-19  Because we live in our yard year-round, I’m trying to pay attention to what would make the space feel more cozy, inviting, and really entice me to stay out with the kids while they jump on the trampoline and play rather than use that time to finish dishes or laundry. I’ve already found myself wandering out here to sit and read, have a late-night chat with Dave, not to mention that it was another perfect spot to hang colorful pendant banners for Milo’s birthday party.
DIY Bistro Light Pergola- World Market Blog- by Miranda Anderson-14 DIY Bistro Light Pergola- World Market Blog- by Miranda Anderson-18 DIY Bistro Light Pergola- World Market Blog- by Miranda Anderson-22 From the time I got the idea to actually putting this pergola up was about a week. It was nice to have a simple enough project I could work on it myself…until I was balancing on the ladder, board in one hand, drill in the other, and screws in my mouth, trying to attach the top boards and my neighbor thankfully popped her head over the fence to offer some help! We quickly finished up, planted the flowers, added the lights, and I was able to turn them on just as the sun set. Talk about instant gratification!

I love how just a little bit of effort and a super small budget can make such a huge impact. Find the whole post with step-by-step instructions for the DIY string light pergola and materials listed over at the World Market Blog.


Soft Serger Sensory Block

While I’m done having babies of my own, luckily I will continue to know people who have babies. I’m using this as my excuse to continue buying, pinning, and making baby items on the regular. You know, so I have some great gifts around when the need arises! This soft, simple sensory block for baby is a quick and easy project, using mostly scraps of fabric you may have on hand.
Serged Sensory Block - One Little Minute Blog-10 Serged Sensory Block - One Little Minute Blog-8 Using different types and textures of materials will give baby something to explore, and the bold black and whites I chose can help with visual stimulation. When you get going, you won’t want to stop making them (and you’ll have gifts for the whole neighborhood!)

I created this project idea as part of the National Serger Month with Baby Lock. I have been using my Diana for about four years now, and still adore it. In fact, I’ve used a serger as much or more than a sewing machine for most of my sewing career (because I’m a total sucker for knits.) Of course, this project could be made using a sewing machine if that’s what you have. Just switch to a zig-zag or overlock stitch and you’ll be set! Read More »


DIY Leather Pocket Frame + Kodak Moments

The beginning of May is full of celebration in my family. With two birthdays and Mother’s Day, we get to enjoy a lot of fun, family moments together. As my son’s birthday approaches each year, he always wants to pull out photographs of when he was a baby, and hear all the stories about the years gone by. It’s such a sweet tradition, and always makes me realize how much times have changed for me regarding photographing and recording our memories! Because I feel like I’m sharing photographs all the time on instagram, somehow I stopped printing and displaying images of our family and our life! Social media is all abuzz with trending topics and filtered and styled shots, and sometimes I have been missing out on capturing and displaying the everyday, wonderful pieces of life. DIY Leather Pocket Frame- One Little Minute Blog-12 There are a hundred placed to share images online, but the new Kodak Moments App was created as an answer to the endless stream of celebrity influencers. (Remember when I first learned of the app at SXSW?) It is a place for people to connect with family and close friends to share meaningful moments from their everyday lives, with a simple, beautiful layout and captions. One of my very favorite features is how, within the app, I can choose photos from my camera roll and have them automatically send to order as prints at a local Kodak Kiosk (the nearest one to me was at Target, which worked out perfectly since I was on my way there anyway!) Rather than waiting to get prints in the mail, or needing to log into my computer, I was able to send and pick-up some of my favorite recent moments in an hour.
DIY Leather Pocket Frame- One Little Minute Blog-2 I’ve partnered with the new Kodak Moments App, to share a fun and unique way to capture and share some of your most precious moments with this cool, DIY leather pocket frame. It makes a fun design detail around your own home, or a perfect gift (this one is headed to my mom for Mother’s Day! Shhh.)

To make your leather pocket frame you’ll need: Read More »

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Handmade Clay Bead Necklace

Handmade Clay Bead Necklace- One Little Minute Blog-24 I’m not a big jewelry person. I have a few favorite pieces, mostly simple, that I wear often and love. I handmade one of my go-to necklaces last summer with painted wooden beads, and wear it so regularly I wanted to make an alternative. I thought using polymer clay (leftover from these marbled clay planters) would be a great option, and when I added a cool, brass piece of hardware to the lineup, this handmade clay bead necklace became an instant favorite.
Handmade Clay Bead Necklace- One Little Minute Blog-25 Handmade Clay Bead Necklace- One Little Minute Blog-21 While my sisters and I celebrated my mom’s birthday in Palm Springs last month, I brought along the supplies for everyone to make these clay bead necklaces. The process is really simple and fun, so let me show you how it’s done.

Read More »

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Jackalope Wallpaper + How to Smooth Textured Walls

Until I started working on this project to wallpaper my guest bathroom, I had no idea how much I would love this little space! I had previously thought that bathrooms weren’t central or seen enough to be worthy of much investment or design consideration. At the very least they were a low priority for me, which is why when we built our house brand new, I left the bathrooms with all builder-grade basics. They were all basics that I liked, but pretty boring. It turns out that the small area of our guest bathroom, combined with it’s irregular use made it a perfect opportunity to create a really fun room. Rather than being boring and basic, bathrooms are a place where you can go a little crazy and get away with it! By using this amazing Legend of the Jackalope wallpaper, I instantly added personality, humor, and the modern southwestern bohemian vibe that I love so much.
Jackalope Wallpaper over Textured Walls- One Little Minute Blog-23 Jackalope Wallpaper over Textured Walls- One Little Minute Blog-35 Though I’ve loved the idea of wallpaper for a long time, this was my first experience using it. I knew that before I put it up, I would have to get rid of the ugly, heavily textured Texas walls. You can add wallpaper directly over texture, but all of the texture will show through, making the finished wallpaper as bumpy and uneven as the wall beneath. After lots of research I determined that a simple skim coat would do the trick to smooth the walls enough to add the paper. Adding the skim coat to smooth the textured walls was super inexpensive and a very simple process. I’ve partnered with Walls Need Love to share the DIY in this post! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to smooth and wallpaper all the rooms in the house. I’m already scheming my next wallpaper project!

Let me show you the process that took this space from boring to brilliant. Read More »


Minimal Daily Facial Routine

I’ve always been very low-maintenance when it came to make-up, skin care, hair care, and most other beauty.  Maybe because I have relatively dry skin without a tendency for blemishes, I never developed a serious collection of skin care products. In fact, I joined one of those subscription boxes for makeup and after about three months felt so overwhelmed by the variety of products being added to my make-up drawer, I had to stop. I like to stick to the most simple, effective basics and avoid the unnecessary decision making that comes with having too much stuff.   Minimal Facial Routine for Moms- One Little Minute Blog-2 Having a quick and easy, minimal facial routine has been a huge benefit as my life has filled up with children, work and activities. Even with a lot going on every day, I rarely feel like I don’t have time to get ready.  The whole process only takes a few minutes and feels like a well-worn brain pathway. With my introduction to the Kleenex Facial Cleansing line a month or two ago (sold exclusively at Kleenex), sent to me in partnership for this post, everything really fell into place and some areas of my facial routine that were lacking, like regular exfoliation, were seamlessly added to my baseline care. Minimal Facial Routine for Moms- One Little Minute Blog-1 This is what my minimal facial routine looks like:

I clean my face with a facial wipe at night– if I haven’t watched too many episodes on Netflix and am awake enough to muster the energy.  If not, I get to it in the morning when I’m getting dressed. Either way I can easily clear away the day’s grime and sweat in a flash. I can get rid of that tricky eye make-up with the eye make-up removers, which simplify life by combining the remover and a pad in one. These have been my very favorite piece of the new Kleenex line because they are so easy and effective. The oil-free formula removes the makeup without leaving a residue, and cleans without too much rubbing.

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