Outdoors Inspired Boys Room

It takes a lot of work and thought to pull a room together and actually finish the job. Our house is in varying stages of “finished” and I decided a few months ago to focus exclusively on one room at a time so I could measure the progress I made, rather than spreading the work thin throughout the house.

It feels so good to have finished the boys room completely. With the constellation ceiling, Hudson Bay blanket, vintage knot posters, mexican blankets, and basic metal, wood, and canvas elements, it’s a fun outdoors inspired boys room that they’ll be able to enjoy for years.
Outdoors Inspired Boys Room- One Little Minute Blog-1 Outdoors Inspired Boys Room- One Little Minute Blog-22 The motivation I needed to finish designing, collecting, and do the work in here was inspired by Sherwin-Williams. I met their team at Alt Summit this year and wanted to collaborate, so when they told me to choose a project and some paint colors, I was inspired to get busy. They sponsored this project with their gorgeous paint, and I was thrilled to have the fire lit under me to get it done. Read on for more photos and details about all the sources. Read More »


Balloon and Floral Basket Chair

It’s no secret that I love Alt Summit, so when the chance rolled around to be involved with creating an element for one of the parties at this last Summer 2015 session, I was all in! My friend Janssen of Everyday Reading and I submitted an idea that was accepted, then we were assigned to work on a “fun photo element” that would provide instagramamble moments (I’m @livefreemiranda)! Janssen ended up not being able to attend the conference, but we brought my darling little sister Emmy on board to help and we brainstormed this fun, whimsical balloon hanging basket chair with fresh florals where people could sit, snap, and share! Balloon Basket Chair Backdrop-One Little Minute Blog-9 Balloon Basket Chair Backdrop-One Little Minute Blog-50 Hayneedle sponsored the party, so we got to choose from their huge selection of swings, and we loved this woven basket-style chair to echo the picnic theme of the party. The balloons added celebration and fun, and the fresh florals kept it classy and whimsical, rather than looking like a children’s birthday explosion.
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The Anywhere Skirt

Anywhere Skirt-One Little Minute Blog-1 I love a good, basic jeans and tee shirt combo. In fact, most of what I wear is jeans and a tee shirt, or a skirt and a tee shirt. So when my good friend Dana sent over her latest pattern The Anywhere Skirt for me to try, I went ahead and made a denim version for a super versatile Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway Jeans and a Tee Shirt Skirt! And I love it.
Anywhere Skirt-One Little Minute Blog-8 The pattern is more like a “choose your own adventure” workshop, walking you though the steps of measuring, drafting, and cutting out the pieces you’ll need to make the skirt in any size, in any of the variations she offers.

It was a quick sew, and would be really great project for someone getting started with pattern drafting or apparel sewing. Read More »


Happy Everything Fabric Pennant Banner DIY

There is always something to celebrate, and I can’t keep up with coming up with and creating new decor for each and every event. That’s when my Happy Everything Fabric Pennant Banner comes in super handy! I made it a couple years ago as a way to use up a bunch of colorful fabric from my stash, and I have used it over and over and over again throughout the years. 
Happy Everything Fabric Penant Banner-2 Because it’s made from every color of fabric, it works to celebrate all kinds of things: holidays, baby showers, Saturdays, and birthdays! Today I want to share the fabric pennant banner diy as part of A Rainbow for Katy, put together by Skirt Fixation. We’re celebrating cute and colorful Katy Dill on her birthday today! Happy Birthday Katy!  Happy Everything Fabric Penant Banner-5 Making the fabric pennant banner is simple, and there are ways to make it even more easy by making it with raw edges, or using hem tape to make it no-sew. I have made banners in all different ways, and this double sided, sewn version has held up the best and is used the most often. It’s a little more work, but so worth it when you can pull it out again and again. Read More »


By Hand Tee Shirts and The Countdown Shop

In 2010, I designed and created The Original Maternity Countdown Tee Shirt in anticipation of expecting my second baby. It was the way I wanted to document my growing baby bump, and the series that I posted here on the blog was hugely popular! It lead to my printing and selling the shirts, and unfortunately also to the design being copied and sold by various other vendors.
Maternity Countdown Home For the last four years, I’ve been restocking and selling them without much marketing or media, and though it’s been a fun, uninterrupted venture, I am excited about putting some additional energy into this great shirt and the story that it helps expecting mamas tell! So, I opened up a brand new storefront called The Countdown Shop where I’ll now be selling The Maternity Countdown Tee. In addition, my middle child has inspired a new series of tee shirts, called the By Hand Tee Shirts. FOUR BY HAND I’ve been making these for Eliot to celebrate his birthdays for a couple years, and decided to jump all in and make them available for others to buy for their little ones! I love how little kids always show you their age BY HAND, and wanted to play with that!  BY HAND Tees wide Each of the By Hand Tee Shirts shows the age with a hand, along with a fun play on words.
By Hand 1 #1 is a perfect first birthday shirt, because gosh it’s such an exciting time (and sure to be hash tagged in this social media day and age!)  By Hand 2 You know that two-year-olds feel just this way! Ha! My too-cool tee shirt is a great way to recognize the fun side of their growing independence!
By Hand 3 I don’t know a single three-year-old who can pronounce the word “three.” It’s the most cute age for beginning to speak, and this is when I made Eliot his “I’m Free” tee shirt. This shirt was recently featured on the Brickyard Buffalo IG account, and got so much love!
By Hand 4 Four years old is when my kids began to feel like real kids, and not toddlers. They’re “For Real!”
By Hand 5 And five, when kids start heading out into the world of pre-school or Kindergarten with a “Hi Five”.

I’m excited to start seeing these awesome By Hand Tee Shirts pop up on kids around the country, and make birthday celebrations as well as everyday celebrations more fun!

The Countdown Shop is a place where I can continue to design and develop fun, happy products and I’m excited to see where it takes me!

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