Five Tips for Choosing Paint

I’ve never been one to shy away from a painting project. Starting in our first apartment, a 500 square foot basement, I have painted at least some part of every space we’ve lived. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the art of choosing the right paint colors for a room, the perfect sheen for a bookshelf, and which method (roller, brush, sprayer) will be the most effective for the project at hand. These last couple years since moving to Texas, I’ve also gained a huge appreciation for my one-stop-paint shop, the local Sherwin-Williams store. Sherwin-Williams-Dresser-Redo-11 I was originally introduced to Sherwin-Williams at Alt Summit back in 2013, around the same time we moved and started building our own house. When I walked into our local store I was immediately struck by the huge variety of options within the same brand! From concrete and deck stain, to antimicrobial interior paint, there was just the right product for every project. Not to mention all of the accessories, brushes, rollers, ladders, and everything else you may need for your painting project all in one place.

My favorite thing, and one that really set the experience apart from any I had before was the personal attention and advice that the employees gave. I explained my project, and was given specific recommendations about which paint type (there are a lot!) and which sheen would have all the properties I was looking for.  Sherwin Williams Dresser Redo-7 Sherwin Williams Dresser Redo-14 Today I’m partnering with Sherwin-Williams to share five tips for choosing the right paint as I get set up for my next painting project: refinishing a dresser for Plum’s room.

1. Consider The Colors You Love: the colors you wear, pin, and are naturally drawn to give good indication of what you love. If you don’t have a few that immediately come to mind, I recommend heading to Pinterest and creating a color love board. Pin away colors that inspire you. Then when you’re looking for the perfect color for a project, you’ll have a place to start. (Using the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap app you will be able to to select photos you’ve pinned and pull them into the app for instant color matching. So cool!)

2. Decide on a Feeling: colors naturally elicit emotions, and there are some standard guidelines you can follow to determine what those are. In our first apartment we used orange for the tiny living room because we wanted it to be a lively space for great conversation, and it was! Now I lean more towards having my house be filled with calming colors because my kids have enough energy the walls don’t need it too!

3. See the Big Picture: designing as you go can be a fun process, and is usually how I create my rooms and spaces. There is some benefit to starting with an overall idea of the finished space, however, so that as you collect furniture, art, linens, and colors for each room you stay on track. Choose a theme that involves the purpose of the space, feelings you want to have there, and what you already have that you love, and then build from there. For example, I created this inspiration board when designing our patio room, and even though not everything is exactly the same as the vision board, the space feels just as I hoped.

4. Determine Scale and Impact: Do you want the item you’re painting to be the focal point of the room, or set the stage as a background? Are you painting four big walls, or one small chair? Scale definitely matters when it comes to painting, especially if you’re going bold. A side table in red will make an impact as an accent, where a wall in red will make an impact as the focus. In my boy’s room, the dark blue ceiling sets the outdoor theme, while also dropping the ceiling and making the room more cozy. Consider the impact you want to make, and choose color accordingly.

5. Paint for Practical Use: If you’re doing all the work to paint, make sure you choose the right sheen and quality for the job at hand. I didn’t realize how technological paint has become, and how truly specific it can be! When I painted the boys’ room I discovered that Sherwin-Williams Harmony paint had a zero VOC formula and would actually reduce the odors in the room over time! What? It was perfect for my little boys space (because boys are stinky!) In choosing paint for the patio room I learned of the new Sherwin-Williams Emerald Flat paint that is actually washable and durable unlike traditional flat paint! And when I got ready to paint the outdoor reading nook, I was directed to the Resilience exterior paint that resists moisture and repels dirt. Perfect for an outdoor project. Choosing the not only the right color, but the right type of paint for each project ensures it will last the test of time.

Sherwin Williams Dresser Redo-10

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Outdoor Reading Nook

Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-3 Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-1 As the summer winds down, it’s the perfect time to jump ready for back to school days with an outdoor reading nook. I dreamed up this space after being inspired a couple years ago by my friend Merilee. The weather in Texas lends itself to year-round outdoor enjoyment, and I thought it would be so fun for the kids to have a space just for them, dedicated to reading and play.  Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-4 Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-2 Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-16 Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-8 It only took a couple days (with several runs to the hardware store!) to pull together this simple frame. Then piled with cushions, pillows, rugs and of course baskets of books, it became the most wonderful, cozy spot to hang out.

I remember Milo’s teacher saying that kids usually lost two or three reading levels over the summer because they don’t keep up the habit. If I’m really honest, we haven’t been as good as I had hoped at keeping him reading out loud to us each night as we were during the school year, so I’m excited to get back on track and snuggle into some books with him and Eliot these next couple weeks before the summer is officially over.

Here are some if our favorites we’ve been enjoying:

I Want My Hat Back

The Seven Silly Eaters


Dragons Love Tacos

 Blueberries For Sal

What are yours? Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-9 Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-10 Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-12 Not only have my kids loved reading out there, but it’s been their own fun play space as well! We have a huge yard, but haven’t yet pulled it together to put up a play set or tree house, so this reading nook is serving double duty as a play house as well. It’s so cozy and comfy that I want to crawl in and hang out too! My book club joked that it can be the venue for our next meeting. 
Outdoor Reading Nook - One Little Minute Blog-17 Find the full instructions for building the outdoor reading nook are over on the World Market Explorer blog, where you’ll also find all sorts of inspiration for your home, yard, and meals. It has been really fun to share some creative ideas over there these last few months, and I have some more great ones coming up, too. Enjoy!

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Grocery Delivery and Simple Meal Planning

Monday morning I sat in my pajamas with my three-year-old on my lap and ordered our groceries online. Then we packed up and went to the pool where we swam, chatted, and played with friends for a few hours. Just after we arrived home our Shipt shopper knocked on the door and delivered the groceries onto my kitchen counter. In a total of four hours I was completely convinced that grocery delivery will be a game-changer in our life. Grocery Delivery and Making Live Easier-3 I actually love grocery shopping– when I can do it by myself. But solo errands don’t happen often these days with three little kids in the mix. If I have time alone I want to be using it for either working or doing something personally enriching–not running errands.  My time and energy are both precious resources, and when I have an opportunity to easily preserve one or both, I will.

Shipt grocery delivery is just one of those opportunities. The membership-based service sends personal shoppers into the store with the list of groceries selected either on the app or on the website on a computer, which was I did. They have contracted in the Austin area with H-E-B, which is a huge favorite store and added essentially the entire inventory onto the sites for shopping. (Find out if they are nearby where you live here.) I was able to order my full list of regular groceries, adding special requests for the items I knew I wanted but couldn’t find online (like the fresh bakery flour tortillas) and the shopper texted me to let me know he had found them.

The membership fee is $99 annually and includes free doorstep delivery on every order over $35. (New members in Austin also receive $25 credit for signing up before the end of the day today! So jump!) I’m a budget-friendly mama, and I break this down to less than $2/week for the delivery of my groceries to my front door. I mean. It’s a total no-brainer. Not to mention that I would make up that $2 +more by being physically in the store and impulse buying Oreos and new colors of nail polish on my way out.

The Shipt shopper won’t stray from the list like you might. In fact, as a nice feature, they contact you if something specific on your list isn’t available. For example, I ordered Fresh Texas Peaches, but there weren’t any in the store, so my shopper texted and asked if California Peaches would be an okay substitute. He picked some great ones, by the way.

By the time I finished unpacking and putting away my bags of groceries, I was giddy. I had been able to get everything I needed while staying on budget, and spending more time with my family. Win-win.
Grocery Delivery and Making Live Easier-6 If you’ve been reading this blog for over a year, you know that I adopted a minimal meal plan last spring.   That post resonated with so many people because meal planning, from the menu ideas to the shopping to the cooking and cleaning up is all a stressful, somewhat draining part of adulthood and especially motherhood.

My simple meal plan includes just seven favorite meals assigned to the days of the week and repeated over and over again. In the post I address some of the obstacles and concerns one might have when considering a minimal meal plan, but let me assure you it works! We’ve now been maintaining our baseline meal plan for over a year and everyone is healthy, happy, and feeling great about dinnertime. (Bedtime is another story, haha!)

Now that I had tackled the first piece of the mealtime struggle, deciding what to make, I’m so excited to have the second piece, buying the groceries, simplified as well. Having my grocery list set and saved onto the Shipt website and app allows me to re-order the same basics each week without having to look things up again! I talked a lot about automating routine tasks last year in the Energy Management series, and this feature does that literally.

With my baseline groceries figured out, I have brain space to consider what other special circumstances may be happening that I should buy things for. This week I added popsicles, gatorade, and jello for Eliot’s tonsillectomy recovery. I also remembered potty training treats for Plum, who I plan to work with while we’re home these next two weeks with Eliot recovering. That may be overly ambitious, but I’ll try!
Grocery Delivery and Making Live Easier-5 I am continually seeking out ways to simplify and streamline my life so that I have more time and energy for the things that matter the most. Taking grocery shopping off of my plate adds space for something else, like a pool day, and that feels amazing.

Here are some other ideas to simplify your meal times, even if you don’t have a grocery delivery option nearby:

  1. Create a Minimalist Meal Plan for your family (Always eat pizza on Friday and tacos on Tuesday…at the very least)
  2. Precut veggies and store them in bags or boxes for to easily add to meals
  3. Organize your fridge by food type, like in the store (dairy, produce, meats/cheeses, sauces) to easily find what you need
  4. Create a habit of packing lunches while you make breakfast and the food is already coming out of the fridge and pantry
  5. Organize your pantry with these practical tips
  6. Plan a freezer meal swap with a group of friends and easily stock your freezer with homemade heat-and-serve dinners
  7. When storing leftovers, pre-pack them into meal-sized portions to be able to easily grab for future lunches
  8. Buy precut, pre-skewered, and prewashed produce if you find yours sits unused in the drawers
  9. Get comfortable with buffet style Smorgasbord meals rather than a traditional entree and sides menu (these are some of my favorite meals!)
  10. Turn on music while you cook to keep kids entertained and instantly create positive energy in the kitchen

Even writing this post and revisiting some of my meal planning tips, I feel more enthusiastic about simplifying the process of planning, preparing, and enjoying meals together as family. I’d love to hear your meal planning tips or concerns in the comments so we can learn from each other!

This post shared in partnership with Shipt, all opinions and experiences are my own.


Practical Pantry Organization

If your home is anything like ours, the kitchen is the center of activity. From breakfast first thing in the morning to dinner right before bed, and homework, art projects, snack time, endless glasses of water, and everything in between, we end up hanging out here a lot. The pantry, where most of the food and appliances are stored, is by far the most used closet-type space in our house. Last week as I was choosing a project for this month’s partnership with At Home, I decided to tackle practical pantry organization and transform ours from bottom to top. Pantry organization can be daunting, but with the right set of tools and some practical tips, it makes daily living much easier and more enjoyable. Let me share a few ideas I have after whipping ours into shape.
Practical Pantry Organization- One Little Minute Blog-2
Practical Pantry Organization-25 I began the day by heading to my local At Home store to collect organization supplies. I had spotted some when I was there a few weeks ago picking up these planters, and knew they would have everything I needed. And boy did they! I wandered the several pantry organization aisles, taking it all in. With a hand-drawn map of my pantry (made last-minute in the store) I started to think about how we use the space currently, what works, and what doesn’t. I knew it wouldn’t be realistic for me to have everything out of packages in rows and rows of labeled containers because I don’t always buy the exact same items, so I’m not always refilling staple dry goods that way. So, I filled my cart with a variety of bins, baskets, jars, and tiered can-organizers, and went home to figure it out.

These next couple shots show the before and after of our little pantry. In the organization process I did throw away a handful of items, but about 98% of what is in the first photos is also in the second. The only difference is the organization.
Practical Pantry Organization Before and After Before: I had things separated by type and somewhat organized along the shelves, but there were no clear divisions. The serving dishes were stacked in piles, the appliances in one general area but interspersed with “other”. The cans were all in a row on the bottom shelf so they were never seen. It was not terrible, but not pretty either.

After: Everything has a place. There is some room to breath between the baskets of items, and the space feels more light and airy. Everything can be seen at a glance, from the tiered cans and bottles to the items within wire baskets. The appliances are all on the same shelf. Serving plates, which aren’t visible here, are all upright and easy to get to.

I know even this “after” shot is not as glamorous as a subway-tiled, brass-fixtured, naturally-lit dreamy Pinterest pantry, filled with glass containers and perrier, but the difference some practical organization makes is striking none the less.
Practical Pantry Organization As I stood in the aisle of the store, I didn’t know exactly how I was going to organize everything, but I did know a couple plastic bins would be fun for things we use often enough, and to break up some of the basket-storage that I had planned for most of the other items.

I decided on some clear plastic containers with metal closing tabs because I love the look, and they felt sturdy and industrial. For small loose items I went with long, clear storage bins where I could still see everything that was inside easily. I reserved one for baking items, and another for cooking packages like small bags of pasta and breadcrumbs. For larger loose items I decided on some really cool metal baskets to serve as general containers separating items by class. I have a chip basket, a bread basket, a snack basket, a baking basket for larger baking items like flours and cornmeal, and a root vegetable basket.

Lets take a look at what I was starting with one more time.
Practical Pantry Organization-5 My favorite part of taking these “before” photos is that I felt like the pantry was relatively organized! I was using a general system and putting some things back where they went sometimes… I think the main problem was that nothing was clear. When I got hold of something that I wasn’t exactly sure about, I would just set it somewhere. That’s not really organization at it’s best.

After doing all of the work, here are my Ten Tips for Practical Pantry Organization:

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DIY Jenga Set

DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-12 DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-13 DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-18 I love the slow days of summer, and have been enjoying these days home from vacation when the kids and I have been able to spend time together. And in order to stay sane and all feel happy and entertained, we have been coming up with some fun and simple summer activities to do. This easy DIY Jenga Set was inspired by a huge version that we’ve played at the children’s museum downtown. The total cost was around $3, and the once I cut and sanded the boards, the kids had a blast painting the ends before we set it up to play. It actually ended up being a great two-in-one because the painting was a fun activity, then once it was dry we played several rounds and had a blast.

Jenga turns out to be a perfect game for kids over about three years old who can understand how to grab and remover a board from the stack. My kids caught on really quickly, and we’ve been playing almost every day!

Here’s how to make one of your own: DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-1 You’ll need:

2 1″x2″ boards, 8′ long, cut into 4.5″ pieces
acrylic paint in a variety of colors
sponge brushes

I already had a chop saw out on the patio because I was building an outdoor reading nook, so it was simple to chop up some extra pieces DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-2 Sand all of the sharp edges and ends by rubbing them along sandpaper on a flat surface, then wipe down with a cloth to remove the sawdust DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-3 Squirt little samples of each of your paint colors onto paper plates and let the kids paint the ends of the boards, then let dry.

If you have little ones like mine, some of the boards might get painted more than on the ends, and that’s alright. It adds that homemade charm.
DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-4 DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-5 DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-6 You can see that my kids got really into it, and we had a fun (messy!) time from the get-go! DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-7 DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-8 I choose a few coordinating blues, green, and a fun purple for our blocks, and love the way it turned out. My more design-snob side was tempted to only use white paint, or leave them plain wood, but the kids had so much fun mixing colors! It was a good reminder to let them have fun with color! 
DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-10 DIY Jenga - One Little Minute Blog-11 Once the pieces are all dry, you’re ready to play! Set them each row of three in opposite directions as you stack the tower. Then take turns removing one piece from the middle and setting it back onto the top of the tower. When the tower tumbles, the game is over! It can get pretty tricky to remove pieces after a while. I was always surprised by how little blocks remain when it all falls down. Read More »


Leather Shelf Brackets DIY

Cozy, Modern Bohemian Master Bedroom-5 When I was designing my Master Bedroom last month, I settled on hanging a shelf above the couch, rather than some additional art. It was the perfect opportunity to try creating some leather-wrapped shelf brackets like I had seen in a cool rental home in the Fall. The process of making the leather shelf brackets was simple, quick, and they turned out amazing. Leather Shelf Bracket DIY-17 I love the hearty feel adding hand-sticked leather to these simple metal brackets gave. They feel elevated with a touch of southwestern appeal, but are simple enough to maintain a nice, modern industrial design. Here’s the how-to!

You’ll need:

simple metal shelf brackets (this one is from Home Depot)
gold spray paint
a wooden shelf plank
wood stain
leather strips 1″ x 12″ long
a leather hole punch
waxed polyester thread
a large needle Read More »

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DIY Origami Wall Planter + #munchkinmakermamas Workshop

DIY Wall Planter - One Little Minute Blog-2 Last month I gathered a group of local Austin mamas for the second Munchkin Maker Mamas workshop to learn to make a simple canvas and leather origami wall planter. This series, generously sponsored by Munchkin, is a unique opportunity for moms to come to a craft workshop where childcare is provided on-site so they can enjoy some creative time while the kids enjoy snacks, games, and toys nearby.

When I came up with the idea, the goal was to support moms in their roles as caretakers and nurturers by eliminating as many obstacles as possible for them to come together and create. The first workshop, back in March, had an amazing energy and this second one exceeded expectations as well.

Because so many of my friends and readers don’t live nearby, I’ve included a full tutorial for the DIY origami wall planter at the end of this post so you can make one of your own! IMG_0557 IMG_0583 I designed this wall planter after experimenting with several types of hanging planters. As much as I love them, it turns out that it is really hard to find the perfect place to hang a planter from the ceiling. I loved the idea of creating a simple, hearty planter that would be able to hang on the wall as a piece of art, as part of a gallery wall, in a row of three, or simply as an accent and a way to bring life into the room.

The planter is created from canvas and leather, with a brass D ring for hanging. It fits a ceramic pot perfectly, so the plant can be watered while it’s on the wall without worrying about the water leaking. I’ve loved having mine up, and was so excited to share the steps with a group of maker mamas.
DIY Wall Planter - One Little Minute Blog-1 In experimenting with different event venues, I reached out to an AirBNB owner regarding using his home to host the event and he heartily agreed. It was really nice to have a house with a kitchen for the catering, a fridge to keep drinks cold, a nearby bathroom, and the whole comfortable living room for the kids to use as their play area. 
DIY Wall Planter - One Little Minute Blog-4 DIY Wall Planter - One Little Minute Blog-11 DIY Wall Planter - One Little Minute Blog-9 As each attendee arrived the kids all received their Miracle Cup and Snack Catcher filled with snacks. They met the babysitters and started working on stacking blocks, creating art with stickers, and making music with the Mozart Magic Cubes. Moms were invited to grab a drink and snack themselves, choose a seat, and settle in for the workshop.
DIY Wall Planter - One Little Minute Blog-5 DIY Wall Planter - One Little Minute Blog-6 The creative energy in my workshops is always so contagious. Everyone is excited to be learning, and especially when teaching moms you can feel the gratitude they have for the chance to spend a couple hours working with both hands free, making something outside of their usual routine.  Read More »

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The Best Time To Get a Dog

I could also title this post “How Facebook Convinced Me to Get A Dog,” because in a lot of ways that’s what happened.

I’ve always been a turning point sort of person. I’ll mull over thoughts and ideas for a long while before something simple– like a TED talk, new book, or Facebook article– flips a switch and I am able to clearly and decisively make a big change in my life. This is what happened with the dog and the article. The Best Time To Get A Dog- One Little Minute Blog-10 The dog was initially brought up by Milo, who around June last year started asking if we could get a dog. I grew up having dogs, and always imagined we would have one too, but the series of pet-free apartments we’ve lived combined with the regular addition of a baby human to the family every two years kept the idea sort of far away. When he first started asking about getting a dog, Plum was only eighteen months old, and I wasn’t ready to entertain the idea. I told him “When Plum is five we’ll get a dog. It will be so great!” And that was my plan. Get the kids grown up and into elementary school before getting a dog, so I could take care of the kids first, then the dog later.

As the months passed by, he kept asking, and the idea became more real. Well, maybe not a dog, but getting a pet for Milo to care for seemed sort of inevitable, and we started talking about the entry-level variety: fish, turtles, hamsters, etc. Anxious to be encouraging and involved as a parent, I appeased Milo’s puppy hunger by agreeing to visit the local animal shelter to visit the dogs. Which we did, and I left feeling ready to adopt every stray and shelter animal I could find. I’m a bleeding heart. Milo felt the same way and told me, bright eyed,  “Look at this one, Mom, he’s free to a good home!” (This One was Jack, a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier who was so hyper I think he bounced between all four corners of his kennel in the 30 seconds we passed by him!)

It was around this time that I read The Article on Facebook, which turns out to have nothing at all to do with animals and everything to do with watching our kids grow up, put childhood behind them, and move onto adolescence without us. Because the dog idea had been on my mind, tapping me on the shoulder to ask when was the best time to get a dog, the switch that flipped for me as I read this article answered “NOW”. Now, while my children are young, while they’re home and excited to see me, and excitedly asking for a puppy. Now, when we’re all learning and growing and adapting to newness as they hit the milestones of childhood. Now, when we spend our weekends together as a family, hiking and camping and playing in the yard.
The Best Time To Get A Dog- One Little Minute Blog-6 The Best Time To Get A Dog- One Little Minute Blog-7 It hit me that when Plum is five years old, going to kindergarten, it will just be me at home with the dog. The kids will be away all day most days, starting to have more homework. Our already busy afternoons will be even more scheduled with lessons and acitivites. Whether I like it or not, someday soon their weekends will start to be filled with friends more than family. So, I decided it was time for us to get a puppy to enjoy with the rest of my young kids, and have them all grow up together! Instead of a baby human, this time my two-years-later would be filled by a puppy.  The Best Time To Get A Dog- One Little Minute Blog-15 The actual timeline of choosing and getting our puppy is another story. Read More »


BumbleBFF Moms Night Out + Hand Painted Tote Bag DIY

Every mom needs a night out once in a while. We recharge by being with friends who can relate, enjoying good food, and working on a simple project to feel creative and accomplish something. That’s just what I provided last month in partnership with Bumble BFF. We hosted a Moms Night Out in Austin, where we brought together a group of mamas and created hand painted tote bags while meeting and mingling with each other.
Moms Night Out Hand Painted Tote Bag-2 Moms Night Out Hand Painted Tote Bag-10 Bringing people together to create is one of my main career objectives. Bringing people together for any reason is one of Bumble‘s objectives. The women-run app launched in the dating space, but has since expanded to include the unique feature of matching with new friends for purely platonic relationships, and has announced they’ll soon provide ways to create business and networking relationships as well! The new developments are exciting for someone like me, who has been happily married for almost ten years (since before dating apps existed!) but who is still interested in meeting and connecting with new people where I live.

We loved hosting moms from all over the Austin area with our first Moms Night Out. There were brand new, expectant mamas, and moms with kids heading into high school. Everyone enjoyed meeting each other, and I loved seeing new friendships form as people exchanged cell numbers and social media handles to stay in touch after the event. Read More »

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Cheerios™ Ice Cream Bars

We’re always coming up with new ways to eat ice cream in the summertime. It’s sort of a daily staple around our house, and the kids love finishing a hot day with a cold ice cream treat on the patio. Last week we combined two of our favorite meals, breakfast and dessert, and came up with these delicious Honey Nut Cheerios™ Ice Cream Bars! They’re layered with banana slices and vanilla ice cream, so basically your favorite bowl of cereal morphed into a sweet and cool treat to enjoy anytime.
Cheerios Ice Cream Bars - One Little Minute Blog-13 Cheerios Ice Cream Bars - One Little Minute Blog-12 The of the layers of cereal on the bottom and top make this an easy-to-eat finger food, which is always a big win with kids. Also, they’re sweet without being heavy, and almost have me convinced that we should just eat them for breakfast, too.  Cheerios Ice Cream Bar - One Little Minute Blog-1 As soon as I imagined these bars in my head, I could’t wait to pick up a new box of Honey Nut Cheerios™ some bananas, and some vanilla ice cream on a quick trip to Walmart. You can use this coupon to grab a box and make your own! I also bought some wax paper to make the bars easy to release from the pan, and for wrapping and storing the finished dessert bars in the freezer.

The Cheerios™ Ice Cream Bars are super simple to make and so far have been high pleasers in my house. Here’s what you’ll need: Read More »


Five Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin

It’s no secret that I love where we live. Austin, Texas feels like home in every way. As we have explored I have discovered more and more favorite activities, neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, and of course food trucks.

When I heard that Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water was asking Texans to share why they love where they live, I couldn’t wait to jump on board and share five of my favorite Austin Food Truck Treats, all perfect for the beautiful summertime weather.
5 Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin, TX - One Little Minute Blog-2 Ozarka Spring water is a Texas original, gathered from three different springs around the state it has that refreshing Texas taste. We try to support local whenever we can, and so it is a no-brainer to drink Ozarka water as we are out around town, on hiking adventures, and to toss a couple bottles into the pool bag to spend the day swimming. As part of this new initiative, Ozarka send me curated box full of Texas goodies, all of which were new to me and I am so excited to try!

Paqui tortilla chips are all natural and so good. I ate the bag in about five seconds. Snow BBQ sauce was named Best in Texas by Texas Monthly, and we will be using it at our next barbecue for sure. I’ve been on a hot sauce kick and was excited to discover this Yellowbird Habanero hot sauce. It was fun to see some sauces from the Jelly Queens. I love unique flavors when cooking at home and the black garlic rosemary sauce will be fun to try. Finally, I can’t wait to whip up some more homemade hot pretzels to use with the Taste Elevated mustard seeds. Mustard has always been my favorite condiment, and this chunky seeds look amazing. Food Truck Treats Austin, TX- One Little Minute Blog-1 All of the little tasting samples together make quite an awesome meal at home. And  we love getting out of the house in the evening to treat the kids to something sweet downtown at one of the many Austin food trucks. Here are five of my favorite food truck treats in Austin:
5 Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin, TX - One Little Minute Blog-2-2 1. I’ve talked about Holy Cacao before (here) but it truly is one of my very favorite frozen treats in the city. The frozen hot chocolate taste like a liquid dark chocolate bar and it is so good. It is a must stop when we have visitors in town, or when we’re looking for a delicious frozen treat. 5 Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin, TX - One Little Minute Blog-1-2 5 Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin, TX - One Little Minute Blog-6 2. I grew up loving churros, so when ChurroCo Austin opened I was so excited to check them out. Their menu of gourmet churros doesn’t disappoint, and this campfire churro is the perfect combination for summertime. Read More »


Ice Cream Cone Tray DIY

Ice Cream Cone Tray DIY- Miranda Anderson for World Market-6 How did it become July?

The summer is just rolling right along, and we’re loving every pool day, barbecue, and homemade ice cream cone! To solve the problem of tipping cones, and have somewhere to set the fresh waffle cones we’ve been making lately, I create this Ice Cream Cone Tray DIY.  Ice Cream Cone Tray DIY- Miranda Anderson for World Market-12 It’s pretty simple, and so useful. We’ve used it regularly in the last couple weeks, which makes the work and time of making it so worthwhile. Even when the kids are playing and eating their ice cream outside and need to run in to go to the bathroom, it’s been awesome to have a place for them to set their cones so I don’t end up with five in my hands! Read More »

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