DIY Jedi Robe for Kids

We were at a play date last week at a neighbor’s house when Milo came running down in a jedi robe. It was simply sewn out of a beautiful brown linen fabric, and after some quick examination I was determined to add DIY Jedi Robe to my to-sew list for the kids. Just a day later, when we were out fabric shopping for a summer dress, the boys grabbed a bolt of brown linen and the project moved up the list to next-in-line.
DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-11 DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-9 DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-19

I have ideas for new projects to sew all the time, but it is hard to make the time to actually do them! There are simply so many other things that I could be doing at any given part of the day.  Like laundry.  Never ending baskets of laundry.

But Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is helping me make time for both. I’ve used it on my linens for about a year, and recently started using it with the rest of my laundry, too.  It is making such a difference! For example, I manage my laundry by letting clean clothes pile up and folding everything at once, instead of folding each load right out of the dryer.  In the past, the folded clothes would still be wrinkled from being crumpled in the baskets and I had to pull out the iron for easily-wrinkled fabrics (like this Jedi linen).  But now I simply spray as I fold; the wrinkles smooth out and the clothes feel refreshed.

I’m excited to partner with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus today to share a tutorial so you can make your own DIY Jedi Robe. Or if you don’t sew, grab a coupon to try it out and save time for the things you do love!

DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-18 DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-14

This DIY Jedi Robe doesn’t use a pattern, but instead only requires a few basic measurements and a little bit of eyeballing. Also, instead of wasting time hemming all of the edges, I simply serged them with my Baby Lock Diana, which was another way to simplify the project. Sometimes “done” is better than “perfect,” and these kids are way happier with unhemmed robes than none at all! Read More »

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Boredom Busters Summer Kit

Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-5 Oh Summertime. There is so very much to love, and I get excited thinking about the pool days and hikes, vacations and movie nights. And I also get a little bit of anxiety about entertaining my three kiddos all summer long without the structure of regular school schedule! It was with that challenge in mind that my friend Andrea set out to collaborate with a few other bloggers to create this awesome printable Boredom Buster Kit.

Everyone contributed one project that is something a child (ages 6-12) could independently complete, effectively creating hours of independent and interactive fun for the kids to be able to print out and set up in a pinch. My contribution was a DIY Backyard Explorer Kit that uses household items and supplies to create binoculars, a cross body collection bag, and a field memo notebook that then can be used for spotting, collecting, and recording all sorts of backyard discoveries! Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-12 Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-9 Bugs! Flowers! Rocks! Tadpoles! Almost anything is new and exciting with the right eyes, and children seem to have them. I sat down with my littles to create the kits (we’ve actually made them twice now. That’s a nice thing about a printable!) and we had so much fun. The boys decided to become “Backyard Spies” instead of explorers, which I loved. Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-11 Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-7 I’m always trying to come up with fun ways for the kids to stay engaged in an outdoor activity, and this seems to work well for a while. Having some hands-on supplies to make and use brings the whole activity to a new, creative level.  Read More »

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Cozy Master Bedroom

Cozy Master Bedroom-26 For some reason, our master bedroom seems to always be the last priority when we move into a new home. It probably has to do with the fact that guests and visitors don’t ever see it, and we tend to give decorating priority to more public areas. As soon as we moved into this house, I started brewing up ideas to create a cozy master bedroom, and three years later I’ve finally pulled it together. I love how it turned out! I keep walking in the room and telling Dave how happy it makes me! I can’t wait to share some of my design process with you, and lots of fun photos and sources.
Cozy Master Bedroom-25 Cozy Master Bedroom-16 The room has evolved bit by bit– we started with a mattress on a metal frame and went from there. Over the last few months, about half of the room had been feeling pretty nice. But there were a few feet of empty space at the end of our bed that needed attention. We kept filling it up with random junk: packages that hadn’t been opened and sorted, piles of framed art still unhung, and often clothes and toys from around the house tossed behind the closed door just before company arrived!

In the empty space I wanted to create an intentional, cozy conversation area. We needed a place to sit together, unwind, and talk over the day. It was time to give our master bedroom the attention it deserved, and I partnered with to bring it all together.
Cozy Master Bedroom-1 I started by choosing out the perfect, modern-but-still-comfortable couch as the focal point of the wall. This blue couldn’t be prettier. I am often drawn to blues lately, and I don’t think you can go wrong with a blue couch. It’s a great, calming neutral that can be decorated with any style.

Next, I choose this beautiful grey geometric rug that looks nice over our neutral grey carpet. I love the little bit of pattern on the floor, and keeping it simple and modern feeling. It would be ideal to have our hickory flooring run into the master as well as the rest of the main house, we went with carpet too keep it cozy underfoot. Funny thing though, after throwing this rug down Dave told me that with a great rug like this, he’d be okay with hardwood in the master, so I’m adding it to the someday list!  Cozy Master Bedroom-11 The next major player in this cozy master bedroom is the mid-century inspired coffee table at the end of the bed. The rounded edges and simple lines make it perfect for the bedroom, where I walk past it several times a day to get over to my side of the bed. There are drawers and open shelves for storage, and the warm stain is inviting. I love it here, and kind of want another one for the living room, too.  Cozy Master Bedroom-29 Cozy Master Bedroom-30 After I had the furniture in place, including my newly re-covered leather butterfly chair, I was able to add design details. I DIY-ed these fun leather-wrapped brackets to hang a shelf above the couch (tutorial forthcoming), and styled it with tidbits of our family history and story. The cactus from East Austin Succulents is one of the prettiest I’ve seen and I couldn’t leave it in the nursery. The Indian vase was my grandmother’s, bought while she and my grandfather lived in Bombay, and one of the beautiful things I inherited from her. The brass armadillo is part of my growing collection. I think it’s fun to add one to just about every room I’ve designed at home. I gave Dave the human model for Christmas one year, and Dave and I take turns arranging his limbs into different positions. It’s always fun to see what he’s up to. Cozy Master Bedroom-31

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Foraged Flower Arrangements

It’s been a rainy spring in Texas, which means the normally incredible wildflower season has gone on longer, and become more stunning than usual! Even the piece of our yard that aren’t covered in sod (okay, and some parts that are, too) are springing up with flowers in every color. It’s incredible, and has made for some really fun, foraged flower arrangements inside. Foraged Flower Arrangement- Texas Wildflowers- One Little Minute Blog DIY Foraged Floral Arrangements- Miranda Anderson-16 Foraged Flower Arrangements- One Little Minute Blog My kids love picking flowers for me, and while I always look forward to their fresh bouquets, I am sometimes at a loss for what exactly to do with them! Eliot insists one goes behind my ear, but the others usually are set down or tossed aside when they’re not looking.

To take advantage of the abundance of flowers, I created a couple DIY foraged flower arrangements, and completed some tips for turning those backyard bouquets into pretty, long-lasting displays. Read More »

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SNACK Lunch for Busy Moms

So, you forgot to eat lunch again? Yeah, me too. Somehow I manage to pack sack lunches for my preschoolers, pay the meal bill for the school child, and then totally miss eating something myself! Luckily, I’ve created a pretty awesome routine of stashing the perfect combination of packaged foods in my bag each morning to make a pretty well-rounded SNACK lunch. It’s easy and helps keep this mama from being hangry before dinner. How to pack a Snack Lunch- Lean Protein, Complex Carbs, Fruit, Super Fruit, H2O-1 How to pack a Snack Lunch- Lean Protein, Complex Carbs, Fruit, Super Fruit, H2O-3 When the kids are all in school, I’m hustling to finish work or creative projects, run those errands that I’d much rather do alone (I’m looking at you eyebrow threading and post office line.) The next time I look at the clock it’s time to pick up kiddos, and start the afternoon routine of homework, lessons, and then making dinner and bedtime.

On days they aren’t all in school, we are usually out having an adventure before lunch, then I pack lunches and snacks to eat on the go before getting Plum down for a nap. And while I know that sitting down at the table with a nutritious lunch, prepared thoughtfully by myself, for myself, would be the ideal way to enjoy lunch each day, that’s just not happening! How to pack a Snack Lunch- Lean Protein, Complex Carbs, Fruit, Super Fruit, H2O-10 Instead, I’ve started tossing a great combination of snacks into my bag each day that fill me up with the necessary energy, protein and nutrients, and even some superfoods to keep up my mom energy. They are all snacks my kids all enjoy, too. So inevitably on days we’re all together, pieces of my snack lunch get passed around and shared, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve partnered with Lorissa’s Kitchen today for a closer look at what this super snack lunch looks like! How to pack a Snack Lunch- Lean Protein, Complex Carbs, Fruit, Super Fruit, H2O-5 How to pack a Snack Lunch- Lean Protein, Complex Carbs, Fruit, Super Fruit, H2O-6 SNACK LUNCH for Busy Moms:

Lean protein from Lorissa’s Kitchen premium beef strips (available to buy here.) I was introduced to these tasty little bites of flavored meat at Alt Summit this year, and was hooked! They come in pork, chicken, and beef strips, all responsibly raised. The flavors are really fun. Ginger Teriyaki chicken is my kids favorite, Korean Barbeque and Szechuan Peppercorn beef have surprisingly different, sweet and smoky flavors. The Sweet Chili is just spicy enough I don’t have to share it, so it’s probably my favorite. Without preservatives, nitrites, or MSG I feel better about eating it regularly, and passing it around at the playground, too. The bags come with a resealable top, so I can keep one in my bag all the time. I love how the lean protein keeps me feeling satisfied for longer than eating just carbs. And it’s really delicious!

Complex Carb Bar. My latest favorite has been the Fig Bar variety from Costco, because it’s whole wheat and real fruit. I can buy them in bulk to keep in the pantry and my kids love them too. Once in a while I have regular granola bars, and they fill the same need for some quick energy without too much junk.

Superfood Squeeze. How did we all survive without food in pouches? Seriously, I started feeding Plum baby food pouches, stayed hooked on the applesauce variety because it’s so easy, then somehow grabbed these Chia Squeeze packages on a grocery run when I realized they are made for moms! The texture takes a little getting used to, but I love the taste, and they pack some necessary omega-3s .

Whole Fruit. I like apples because they are pretty durable and can handle being jostled around in my diaper bag without too much damage. They also give such a satisfying crunch on a hot day, and fill me up with fiber pretty quickly.

H2O. I’ve been drinking a ton of water lately, and I can definitely tell a difference in my overall well being and state of mind. I feel sharper and more awake when I’m fully hydrated. With the upcoming summer, it’s a great habit to form if you haven’t already.

How to pack a Snack Lunch- Lean Protein, Complex Carbs, Fruit, Super Fruit, H2O-7 The only trick for success with the snack lunch is keeping stocked up on all of these favorites so that they can be grabbed at a moment’s notice and brought along on errands and adventures. And maybe packing a second one when you have littles along, because yours will be confiscated by tiny fingers before you know it!

Created in partnership with Lorissas Kitchen.


DIY Picnic Beverage Stakes + other Memorial Day Projects

Happy Memorial Day! A beautiful day to remember those who have given their lives for our freedoms, and sacrificed to serve the country. Also, the holiday that feels like an true introduction into the summer with pool parties, barbecues, and picnics on most people’s agendas. Here are some great Memorial Day DIY ideas that will get you ready for the summer season!

DIY Picnic Beverage Stakes DIY Beverage Stake- World Market Blog- by Miranda Anderson-15 DIY Beverage Stake- World Market Blog- by Miranda Anderson-24 I created this simple, useful DIY for the World Market blog, and love how it solves the problem of spilled drinks at any outdoor picnic. They can be whipped up easily with a few simple supplies, and stuck into the ground whether at a beach, playground, or out on a hike. I say this often, but these are one of my very favorite projects ever.

American Flag Beach Towels
DIY-Tie-Dye-American-Flag-Towels-One-Little-Minute-5 DIY-Tie-Dye-American-Flag-Towels-One-Little-Minute-11 These fun tie dye towels have become a summer staple for us, and are a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of pool season, and Memorial Day. They’re fun to make with the kids, and each turn out just a little differently, which is a great way to keep who’s whose straight!

Poolside Tea and Toast Poolside-Tea-and-Toast-One-Little-Minute-Blog-5 Poolside-Tea-and-Toast-One-Little-Minute-Blog-9 Making some fresh cheese and veggie/fruit toasts to enjoy outside with a cool glass of iced herbal and fruit tea is a fun variation on the classic picnic fare. Find some ideas for new combinations in this post.

Ten Minute Hammock Ten-Minute-Hammock-DIY-One-Little-Minute-10 Ten-Minute-Hammock-DIY-One-Little-Minute-21 Any day off of work, and the normal routine deserves to be a day of rest along with play. This simple ten minute hammock gives you a cozy place to kick up your feet in the yard, off camping, or anywhere you can think to hang out!

Vegetarian Burgers, Three Ways
IMG_65721 IMG_5141-1 IMG_6445-1 Dust off the grill and make one of these three tasty, vegetarian options for your Memorial Day Barbecue. Full recipes for each are included in the post, and you’ll definitely want to pin it for checking back in July when traditional burgers and dogs are getting old.

Have a Happy Memorial Day with those you love!

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Leather Butterfly Chair Cover DIY

You know when a project ends up being easier than you thought and turning out better than you imagined? This leather butterfly chair cover DIY was just that way. It came together quickly and easily (even wrestling our new puppy in my lap) and turned out beautifully. I can’t wait to share the process and a free pattern for the leather butterfly chair cover today!  Leather Butterfly Chair Cover DIY- One Little Minute Blog-13 I don’t remember when I first saw a butterfly chair, but for at least the last couple years I’ve been in love with them. The design was originally created in 1938 in Buenos Aires by architect Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, then was made popular in the US with the rise of mid-century modern design. (I sort of love that it was an Argentine design, as I spent 18 months living in Buenos Aires in my 20’s. It feels like home.)

There are a lot of places to find modern reproductions online, but I naturally have trolled Craigslist in search of some at a decent price point. I’ve come up lucky, finding a pair of like-new Circa50 chairs with outdoor covers for half the price. They sit on my front patio and basically make the curb appeal for our home.   Leather Butterfly Chair Cover DIY- One Little Minute Blog-16 Leather Butterfly Chair Cover DIY- One Little Minute Blog-22 As I got ready to re-do our bedroom, I thought another butterfly chair would be a perfect addition, and so I hit Craigslist once again and found this vintage, foldable frame for $15. Knowing I could whip out a cover myself, I scooped it up and got to work.

I know, love, and trust the leather from Leather Hide Store, so I was thrilled to partner with them to complete this project. I have sewn with their leather on a lot of different projects in the past, including my handmade leather jacket, and all of the boxes for my leather clutch with The Crafters Box used pieces of their gorgeous hides.

I have a bunch of their sample leather swatches in my sewing room, and settled on this really beautiful Pub Chocolate. It has a little but of a waxy, distressed look, which is a pivot from my recent obsession with camel leather goods, and I really love it.
Leather Butterfly Chair Cover DIY- One Little Minute Blog-15 Leather Butterfly Chair Cover DIY- One Little Minute Blog-19 The leather is full grain, meaning it maintains all of the strength and integrity of the best part of the hide and will get better with age. When Dave came home from work yesterday he asked if he could sit on it or if it would break! This leather cover may be one of the most durable chairs we own now! And prettiest, too.
Leather Butterfly Chair Cover DIY- Pub Chocolate Leather- One Little Minute Blog-3 Let me share the process and pattern for making the cover. Read More »


A Heart Rice Warmer and Other Ways to Show Love

Last week I had a minor surgery, and was told to expect about a week of recovery time. I have been blown away by the love and support of my dear friends who have been incredibly thoughtful and kind as I have rested and recovered. I want to share some of the sweet things they’ve done, because it has been a great reminder for me of some simple ideas we can use to show love for friends when they’ve gone through a hard time, whether it be illness, surgery, having a baby, or just having a hard day.
A Heart Rice Warmer and Other Ways to Show Love-One Little Minute-9

A Heart Attack and Other Ways to Show Love-One Little Minute-2 A Heart Attack and Other Ways to Show Love-One Little Minute-1 A Heart Attack

Have you heard of this fun practice of putting hearts all over someone’s door? It’s something I had seen done with youth groups before, but never for a friend. I almost died when my mom told me I should come to the door and see. My friends had organized and written notes, cut out hearts, and stuck them all over the door! One friend even hand crocheted a heart garland to hang across the doorway.

I’ve felt so loved, I haven’t taken them down yet. The DHL delivery man even wrote a note on the back of his door hanger with my package that said ” Surgery is tough, hang in there!” after seeing the display of love. 
Oreos and Other Ways to Show Love-One Little Minute-6


You can’t really go wrong delivering a sweet treat to a friend. I had mentioned that I was craving Oreos when I woke up from sedation, and the next day a friend showed up with a package of double stuff (plus a bag of Lindt truffles). Simple pleasures, and such a thoughtful way to reach out and show love. Read More »


Small Office in Master Bedroom

Small office in Master Bedroom -- Father's Day with Framebridge- One Little Minute Blog-7 For Father’s Day, I wanted to create a small office in the Master Bedroom for Dave, who often works from home. He previously had his computers set up in the laundry room (since we turned the home office into a playroom). But the laundry room is a small space, with no windows, and is generally piled with…well, dirty laundry.

So, even though I had been reluctant to have a work space in our bedroom (you know, keep it as a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, all of that.) This was a much better option than the laundry room. Also, it gave me a chance to think about our bedroom with some intention, and as it is usually one of the more neglected rooms because it’s not often seen, I loved being able to focus on it, even just a corner at a time. 
Small office in Master Bedroom -- Father's Day with Framebridge- One Little Minute Blog-2 I was lucky to get the office all put together well before Father’s Day, and the timing worked out beautifully, because with my surgery yesterday, Dave has been able to work right here next to the bed where I’m resting and recovering. It’s already feels like a fun space to be able to enjoy together.

I replaced his bedside table with this simple desk, and the DIY bedside sconce works perfectly as a desk light. The chair was pulled from the other room, cactus repotted to match the marbled terra cotta planter I made a few months ago with my Crafter’s Box kit, and the matching mini-gallery wall of frames all went up easy peasy.
Small office in Master Bedroom -- Father's Day with Framebridge- One Little Minute Blog-6 Because I partnered with Framebridge to have a grouping of cool old photographs, and special prints all framed for this office gallery wall ahead of time, I was able to organize, arrange, and decorate the whole space in just a few hours. They are such an awesome company and I’ve loved working with them before (they framed the huge Hermès scarf for Plum’s nursery). I was thrilled to dig some old, sentimental, and unusual pieces out from drawers and cupboards to finally have framed for display. Read More »


Mirena IUD lost in my abdomen

This post isn’t my usual inspiration for motherhood and making, but I’m headed in for an unusual surgery today and wanted to share a little about it. My Mirena IUD got lost in my abdomen, which apparently happens to less than 1% of the estimated 2 million women in the United States using it right now. But, it happened to me. Peonies Forever - One Little Minute Blog I first had the Mirena inserted about a month before Dave and I were married. I have never been very consistent with regular medication and knew that taking a pill would be hit and miss for me. Also, I had heard such varied symptoms with the many different birth control pills available, I decided that the low-dose hormone in the Mirena would be a good fit for me. After the initial day of spotting and cramping I never had another issue with it, and as an added bonus, I didn’t have a period. At all. Not even the symptoms or the moodiness or anything. I felt amazing and totally converted. When we wanted to have our first baby, I had it removed and we conceived before my first cycle. So, any worry I had about long-term affects were gone.

Between Milo and Eliot, the time-frame was too tight to have another inserted. I had a miscarriage, then became pregnant and had baby #2. After Eliot, I was ready for a longer break, and had my second Mirena inserted when he was around 2 months old. Again, no symptoms, no period, no daily remembering. I had a great experience with the IUD and was happy to recommend it to whoever asked. And again, once we were ready to grow the family again, I had no problem getting pregnant.

So naturally, once Plum was born I was ready to go for round three with the Mirena. No reason to fix something that wasn’t broken. Since she’s our last baby, I planned to have it in place for the full 5 years, then at that point decide if we wanted to to something more permanent. I had it inserted at about 8 weeks postpartum. Then two weeks later went back in to have it checked and everything was great, so that was that! Or so I thought. Read More »


Routine and Flexibility with Olly Nutrition

Managing a household with three little kids and (and a new puppy) can feel crazy. Often times I’m scrambling to figure out what the best way to handle the next emergency, unexpected situation, or imbalanced energy levels as the day ebbs and flows. Through the last seven years of being a mom I’ve come to realize that there is a special formula to success that involves building a regular, routine schedule that everyone can plan on, and then being flexible enough to toss it to the wind when necessary.
Routine + Flexibility find Balance- One Little Minute Blog-8 Routine + Flexibility find Balance- One Little Minute Blog-3 A few weeks ago I went away to a conference for the weekend. When I returned Dave had implemented a bedtime routine that got all the homework done, play room cleaned, piano practiced, and accommodated three baths, three teeth brushes, and stories for everyone without complaining. I was floored, and grateful for a system that took the guesswork out of one of the toughest times of the day. That routine has become the baseline for our evenings, and works great. And on days that something doesn’t go according to plan–someone is sick, we get home late, or mamma is too tired, we are able to adjust for a night, then get back on schedule.

It’s made me consider what other things I could put onto a regular routine. Basically any healthy habit that we’d like to form, we can create a system for it and with just a small beginning effort, implement it into our life! And adding things to already existing routines helps create an easy reminder system.  Routine + Flexibility find Balance- One Little Minute Blog-1 I’m partnering with Olly Nutrition for the launch of their new kids boosts supplements, which offer individualized blends to meet the nutritional needs of different kiddos. We’re pretty good about taking regular vitamins, and it’s nice to now be able to give each kid a unique boost depending on what their days have been like, what we’re eating or feeling like. Keep the daily vitamin habit routine, but the variety flexible. (Although all three of my kids want to eat the Bones type because of the fun light pink color!) Tummy is perfect for Milo who tends to have a more sensitive stomach, and Immunity will come in handy as the change of seasons wreaks its usual havoc on all of our systems. Also, I can pick them up at Target on my weekly (okay, maybe twice weekly) visits.  Read More »

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Summertime Fire Pit S’more Ice Cream

I’ve always loved s’mores (who doesn’t?) and our new favorite way to enjoy them in the summer is around our wildflower-filled fire pit, in the form of easy to eat s’more ice cream cones. It really doesn’t get much better than hanging out with the kids on a warm summer evening, enjoying the outdoors and some favorite treats. I’m already looking forward to a summer filled to the brim with evenings just like this one.
No-Fire S'more Ice Cream- One Little Minute Blog-3 No-Fire S'more Ice Cream- One Little Minute Blog-2 Growing up in Utah, campfires and s’mores were always a summer affair. I was surprised when we moved to Texas and went looking for fire-wood for our newly-built backyard fire pit, that the stores only carry it in the fall and winter! Because the temperatures don’t drop at night, summertime evenings are way too hot to sit around the fire roasting mallows. We’ve learned to do our open fire roasting in the winter time, when the temps are a little cooler. Read More »


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