Fall Boots + Caramel Apple Pie

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It has only sort of felt like fall for a couple weeks here in Texas, and even then mostly in the mornings and evenings. We’re jumping right into the season in every way we can find, though, including busting out the boots and sweaters, and eating all the pumpkin and apple deliciousness we can find. I’m excited to partner with DSW Shoes today to share some of my favorite fall boot styles as well as a bonus recipe for a crazy good and really simple caramel apple pie.  Easy As Caramel Apple Pie-One Little Minute Blog-5 Easy As Caramel Apple Pie-One Little Minute Blog-3 When I first dreamed up this post about fall and pie last week, what I really wanted to do was take the kids to an orchard to pick apples. In Virginia, that was an annual family tradition and felt like our way of welcoming the cooler weather and turning of seasons. When I looked up Texas apple orchards and discovered the nearest one to us was around three hours away, we did the next best thing and pulled on our boots and jeans to head to the apple aisle in our favorite local market. We picked a peck of Granny Smiths for baking and jazz Apples for crunching raw, then headed home.  Read More »


DIY Garden Gnome Costume

Garden Gnome Costume-One Little Minute Blog I love Halloween costumes! For years I’ve made custom costumes for my kids and for customers all over the country, and this year decided to keep it simple and just make costumes for my kids. Then the boys spotted costumes they wanted at Costco, and rather than force them into the family theme I had chosen (Wizard of Oz!), I let them be the Fireman and SWAT police officers that they wanted to be.

That left Plum in need of a costume, and after thinking for some time, a friend suggested she be a gnome. Immediately that fit! Her red hair, chubby cheeks, mischievous eyes, and contagious smile were made for being a little gnome. Not to mention how much fun creating a DIY Garden Gnome Costume sounded!
Garden Gnome Costume-One Little Minute Blog 6 Garden Gnome Costume-One Little Minute Blog2 I’m over the moon for how this little costume came together. I’m excited to tell you more about it, and share illustrated tutorials for all of the main pieces!

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Marfa, TX

Marfa, TX-One Little Minute Blog-1 I first heard about Marfa, TX when a local magazine featured a furniture maker whose studio is out here. In the middle of West Texas where the plains go on forever and the antelope literally roam. I didn’t even know that there were antelope in Texas! Dave and I spend a couple days in Marfa for our anniversary this year. The sub-2000 population town which started as stop along the railway, and army post during the wars, is now kept alive through a thriving contemporary art scene and some nomadic tourism. It was everything I expected it to be: historic, quirky, peaceful, and inspiring.  Marfa, TX-One Little Minute Blog-2 Our six-hour drive from Austin led us west, and somehow between conversation (alone in the car without kids!) we missed a turn that took us on a little loop. Luckily, the detour led us straight past Prada Marfa on our way into town, rather than us having to take the 45 minute drive out of town to see it later. That worked out well, and it was a great introduction to the place. We happened to arrive on October 1st, 2015–the ten-year anniversary of this pop architectural land art project. It looks like a Prada retail store, and houses selections from the 2005 collection. But it is art. Just a shell of a building, in the middle of the desert. Nothing else along the highway for almost an hour in either direction. It doesn’t at all fit in, while at the same time being now such an iconic piece of the Marfa experience, it seems just right. Marfa, TX-One Little Minute Blog-68 Marfa, TX-One Little Minute Blog-3 Not everyone see beauty in the desert, but it is my favorite landscape. I’m endlessly inspired by the shades of earth, greens, grey, and blues. The desert has to be resilient and tough to stay alive, and the plants and animals look it. The weathered signage, rusted fences, and dusty pathways all add to the charm.  Read More »


The Inside Scoop on Ikea Bulk Candy

Ikea Bulk Candy-10 It’s no secret that I’m a huge IKEA fan. I was converted by the good, simple designs,  affordable prices, readily hackable products,  and family friendly stores that can feel like a day trip adventure more than a shopping center.

On our last bi-monthly visit to the local store, I noticed bulk candy in the grocery section for the first time. Most of the items looked a little different and interesting, so I took one for the internet team and bought a few pieces of almost every variety so I could taste test. It was a hard job, but somebody needed to do it.  Ikea Bulk Candy-1 Here’s the inside scoop on IKEA bulk candy, piece by piece.  Read More »


Idle Wild Bird Maxi Dress (and PJ’s!)

Idle Wild Bird Dress-One Little Minute Blog-20 Idle Wild Bird Dress-One Little Minute Blog-1 Have I mentioned how much I love fabric? It’s one of my very favorite things, and I always jump at the chance to work with something new. This chance is especially exciting when the designers are my friends, the great girls over at Pattern Anthology who just released their first mini fabric line of Riley Blake knit called Idle Wild.

I immediately fell for these birds, and had a long-sleeved maxi dress all worked up in my head before it arrived! The fabric is soft and perfectly stretchy. I think 5% spandex is the most wonderful blend. It recovers beautifully, feels high quality and durable, and is super comfortable.  Read More »

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