My Forever Baby

All of my kids have taken a pacifier since day one. Literally, they were each born, placed on my chest to nurse, then swaddled and pacified. I know not all babies take pacifiers, and not all parents give them, but a paci has been as essential for me as diapers, bibs, and burp cloths. Not only to soothe my babies, but to give mama some quiet time as well. Binky Baby- One Little Minute Blog-1 At least for the first year, which is as long as each boy got to have them.

Twelve months, almost to the day, and I would discreetly remove them from the bags, drawers, and pockets, and stop the attachment before they were too aware of it. That was a tip my older sister gave me, and it worked like a charm (or so I thought…) But this baby here, my forever baby, still has hers, and you know what? I still love it. Read More »


Boxy Baby Romper DIY

Easy Boxy Romper DIY - One Little Minute Blog-26 Last week I made Plum a Tote Bag Romper, and I fell totally in love with the style. The simple boxy shape, shoulder tie straps, and drop-crotch legs makes it easy fitting, comfy, and really shows off a cute fabric. And because not all loveable fabric comes pre-made into tote bags for us to hack into rompers, I want to share a Boxy Baby Romper DIY from scratch. No tote bag in sight. And this version has snaps at the crotch for easier diaper changes. High five!

My incredible talented friend Caroline, of the blog, shop and design studio Sew Caroline (this girl does it all!), has released another fantastic fabric collection, Happy Home. Last year I made this fun pleated maxi skirt with her Gleeful line. This time around I used the Window View Desert print for this boxy baby romper, and love it so much. The tiny design is subtle, with beautiful coral, red, yellow, and pinks. The fabric hand is super soft, tightly woven, and really high quality. I’m a fan.
Easy Boxy Romper DIY - One Little Minute Blog-100 Have you ever tried to photograph an 18 month old? It’s no picnic. This one moves non stop, and it was pretty funny trying to catch her for these shots. The apple kept her entertained for a few minutes. Then I had the boys take turns putting one jelly bean at a time onto the console table then run from the frame so I could try to snap one clear picture! Ha! It’s WAY easier to sew this romper than to photograph it.
Easy Boxy Romper DIY - One Little Minute Blog-64 Easy Boxy Romper DIY - One Little Minute Blog-27 The pattern here is really simple. It’s one big box, folded in half, with an arch for the crotch and straps added. A little elastic at the top keeps it up and comfortable, and really the shape makes it quite forgiving! Adding snaps to the legs adds some steps, but you could easily skip them and just zip the two sides together down there like I did with the Tote Bag Romper. Are you ready to make one? Let’s get started! Read More »


A Weekend in Dallas with Kids

Over Independence Day, we road tripped the few hours north to spend the weekend in Dallas with the kids. We’ve lived in Texas for two years, and it was time to make it up there to check out the big city, and visit some friends. Of course, no trip of ours is complete without lots of good food, and I sent posted a request for must-eats on Instagram on our way. There were so many great recommendations, we can’t wait to go back and try some more!  To Do and Eat in Dallas-3 Read More »

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5 Helpful Pocket-sized Items to Have on Hand

Five Essential Items-1

Ever since I started carrying a bag, whether backpack, purse, handbag, cross body, or now the ever-present diaper bag, I’ve stashed some of the same items in it. You know, life’s essentials for people, for women. As the years have gone by some of the items have changed, and these five are the ones that have stayed the same. They are my 5 Helpful Pocket-Sized Items to always have on hand, for myself, or for friends and strangers who seem to need them as often as me! They all fit in one smallish zipper pocket inside my bag, and actually could all fit in one hand at the same time! Small, essential, helpful, and when bought at Target, also completely adorable! Read More »


Tote Bag Romper DIY

Tote Bag Romper Will you believe me if I tell you that romper began as a tote bag? With two snips and about ten minutes on the sewing table it became probably my favorite little outfit Plum has for the summer! The tote came from an amazing home store in Salt Lake called Bohem. You can buy them here (for an incredible price!) and they’re all hand-marbled, which is why the fabric is so amazing I couldn’t have it just sitting on my tote-bag pile. I used a large for Plum’s romper, but I think you could easily use a medium for an infant.

Let me show you how it’s done. Read More »

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