Summer Pencil Dress with Pockets

The other day when I was sitting down for my creative recharge me-time, I pulled out this fabric that I’ve had for almost a year, and turned it into a simple summer pencil dress.

Summer Pencil Dress-One Little Minute Blog-1 The last time I sewed something for myself was months ago, which is sort of unusual considering I’ve had years where I’ve sewn something for my own closet every other week! I think the difference is that since September I have been operating on a super minimal capsule wardrobe of sorts, and really feeling uplifted by the simplicity of only having clothing that I love, that fit me well, and that I want to wear regularly in my closet. That means every time I’ve thought of making something new I’ve considered if I really want to add a piece to my wardrobe, and so far the answer has been that I’m content with what I have!

I felt inspired to sew something for fun, and for me, and this fabric that I bought on a whim (probably while at the store for a zipper or some other notion) was calling my name. It is more color than the neutrals that I’ve found to be my staples, but I love the bohemian feel of the print. The material itself feels high quality and comfortable, which are all necessary characteristics of things that I end up wearing often.
Summer Pencil Dress-One Little Minute Blog-2 Initially I assumed I’d create a simple shift dress, with sleeves and pockets. But then I couldn’t find an example online of the shape I was hoping for, and I realized that despite having lost my baby weight, I haven’t worn anything very fitted. So the shift turned into a pencil.

The basic shape and inspiration for front welt pockets came from here. I made more fitted with darts at the bust and back, and inset sleeves (pulled from this favorite pattern).
Summer Pencil Dress-One Little Minute Blog-3 For the neckline I wanted to change up my usual round scoop neck, so I created a fun scooped v-neck. I love the interest of the shape, and it is just high enough to feel appropriate, but low enough to feel breezy and youthful. Also, I hate when my necklace gets caught inside my necklines, and the chances of that happening in this dress are small. Win-Win. Read More »


Energy is Everything // Automate Regular Tasks for Energy Conservation

Today is Thursday. Thursday during nap time I stop everything and clean my floors. It takes about two hours to get the sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping complete, but I always feel so satisfied when it’s finished. And my boys usually come home from school and track in all of the dirt from the playground just minutes after I finish, but the floors were cleaned and I won’t have to think about it again until next Thursday during nap time.  

Cleaning the floors on Thursday is one example of how I have removed the weight of regular tasks from my shoulders to save my energy and happiness. Those seemingly endless chores that you could do all the time– because they keep being undone they never end– will likewise endlessly sap your energy in the form of worry, stress, and overwhelm if you don’t put them in their place. I don’t feel that weight every day anymore, because I have automated some of these tasks into my schedule in a way that I know exactly when they will happen and I have given myself permission to stop worrying about them in between. Read More »


Gathered Bloomer Baby Skirt Tutorial//One Pattern Four Ways

Summer is fast approaching! It’s the perfect time to bust out a couple skirts for the littles. I made this gathered skirt with attached bloomers as part of this “One Pattern, Four Ways” post last month, and it’s super easy and fun to make.
Gathered Bloomer Baby Skirt Tutorial- One Little Minute Blog-6 Gathered Skirt DIY-One Little Minute Blog-1 The little skirt ends up full, sticking out on it’s own in sort of a fun tutu shape. And the attached bloomers beneath make dressing the bottom half so simple. That diaper or undies gets covered right up.

As with the other three tutorials in this series of pattern fusion, we begin with the perfect diaper cover pattern. Once you have that printed and ready to go, read on for the full instructions to add the full skirt to the top!

Read More »

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Fool Yourself Full

I’m a snacker. It usually hits me in the afternoon, between lunch (which I may have skipped) and making dinner.  Also, at ten at night when the kids are settled, dishes are done, and I’m settling in to watch The Voice and relax. I try to have healthy snacks on hand, but even with healthy snacks, like nuts or fruit, I can sometimes get carried away and before I know it I’ve eaten the whole box/bag/carton. That’s where the Pistachio Principle can come in handy so you can fool yourself full!
Fool Yourself Full-One Little Minute Blog-55 Fool Yourself Full-One Little Minute Blog-150 “The Pistachio Principle” comes from research that showed that if eating in-shell pistachios took more time, and led to a lower overall calorie intake than shelled nuts. Also, when the shells were left visible they served as a cue to stop eating sooner. Not only do the shells of the pistachios cue you as to your portions, but the nuts themselves will satiate far before typical more sugary or carb-loaded snacks because of the protein and healthy fats found inside. So you really do get full faster!

It’s as if you snack can talk to you and this is what it want’s to say:

Fool-Yourself-Full-One-Little-Minute-Blog-53 Read More »


Simple Soft Bunny Rattle Tutorial

Easter snuck up on me this year! Dave and I take a very minimal route with holiday gifting. Easter baskets usually include swimsuits, chocolate eggs, dollar-section bubbles and chapstick, and maybe a water gun or other little summer toy. This year I was working on a quick baby gift and felt inspired by this rug to make a simple soft bunny rattle. It turned out so cute, I made another right after to add to Plum’s basket this year. I thought I’d share a quick DIY for any of you needing a last minute Easter addition, or for a simple and darling baby gift anytime. Soft Bunny Rattle DIY- One Little Minute Blog-4 Soft Bunny Rattle DIY- One Little Minute Blog-9 Soft Bunny Rattle DIY- One Little Minute Blog-1 The technique I use for this little rattle could be used to make a soft rattle of any animal, or really any shape at all! Also, you might be surprised by where I get my rattles. Read on for the full tutorial. Read More »

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