The Best Time To Get a Dog

I could also title this post “How Facebook Convinced Me to Get A Dog,” because in a lot of ways that’s what happened.

I’ve always been a turning point sort of person. I’ll mull over thoughts and ideas for a long while before something simple– like a TED talk, new book, or Facebook article– flips a switch and I am able to clearly and decisively make a big change in my life. This is what happened with the dog and the article. The Best Time To Get A Dog- One Little Minute Blog-10 The dog was initially brought up by Milo, who around June last year started asking if we could get a dog. I grew up having dogs, and always imagined we would have one too, but the series of pet-free apartments we’ve lived combined with the regular addition of a baby human to the family every two years kept the idea sort of far away. When he first started asking about getting a dog, Plum was only eighteen months old, and I wasn’t ready to entertain the idea. I told him “When Plum is five we’ll get a dog. It will be so great!” And that was my plan. Get the kids grown up and into elementary school before getting a dog, so I could take care of the kids first, then the dog later.

As the months passed by, he kept asking, and the idea became more real. Well, maybe not a dog, but getting a pet for Milo to care for seemed sort of inevitable, and we started talking about the entry-level variety: fish, turtles, hamsters, etc. Anxious to be encouraging and involved as a parent, I appeased Milo’s puppy hunger by agreeing to visit the local animal shelter to visit the dogs. Which we did, and I left feeling ready to adopt every stray and shelter animal I could find. I’m a bleeding heart. Milo felt the same way and told me, bright eyed,  “Look at this one, Mom, he’s free to a good home!” (This One was Jack, a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier who was so hyper I think he bounced between all four corners of his kennel in the 30 seconds we passed by him!)

It was around this time that I read The Article on Facebook, which turns out to have nothing at all to do with animals and everything to do with watching our kids grow up, put childhood behind them, and move onto adolescence without us. Because the dog idea had been on my mind, tapping me on the shoulder to ask when was the best time to get a dog, the switch that flipped for me as I read this article answered “NOW”. Now, while my children are young, while they’re home and excited to see me, and excitedly asking for a puppy. Now, when we’re all learning and growing and adapting to newness as they hit the milestones of childhood. Now, when we spend our weekends together as a family, hiking and camping and playing in the yard.
The Best Time To Get A Dog- One Little Minute Blog-6 The Best Time To Get A Dog- One Little Minute Blog-7 It hit me that when Plum is five years old, going to kindergarten, it will just be me at home with the dog. The kids will be away all day most days, starting to have more homework. Our already busy afternoons will be even more scheduled with lessons and acitivites. Whether I like it or not, someday soon their weekends will start to be filled with friends more than family. So, I decided it was time for us to get a puppy to enjoy with the rest of my young kids, and have them all grow up together! Instead of a baby human, this time my two-years-later would be filled by a puppy.  The Best Time To Get A Dog- One Little Minute Blog-15 The actual timeline of choosing and getting our puppy is another story. Read More »


BumbleBFF Moms Night Out + Hand Painted Tote Bag DIY

Every mom needs a night out once in a while. We recharge by being with friends who can relate, enjoying good food, and working on a simple project to feel creative and accomplish something. That’s just what I provided last month in partnership with Bumble BFF. We hosted a Moms Night Out in Austin, where we brought together a group of mamas and created hand painted tote bags while meeting and mingling with each other.
Moms Night Out Hand Painted Tote Bag-2 Moms Night Out Hand Painted Tote Bag-10 Bringing people together to create is one of my main career objectives. Bringing people together for any reason is one of Bumble‘s objectives. The women-run app launched in the dating space, but has since expanded to include the unique feature of matching with new friends for purely platonic relationships, and has announced they’ll soon provide ways to create business and networking relationships as well! The new developments are exciting for someone like me, who has been happily married for almost ten years (since before dating apps existed!) but who is still interested in meeting and connecting with new people where I live.

We loved hosting moms from all over the Austin area with our first Moms Night Out. There were brand new, expectant mamas, and moms with kids heading into high school. Everyone enjoyed meeting each other, and I loved seeing new friendships form as people exchanged cell numbers and social media handles to stay in touch after the event. Read More »

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Cheerios™ Ice Cream Bars

We’re always coming up with new ways to eat ice cream in the summertime. It’s sort of a daily staple around our house, and the kids love finishing a hot day with a cold ice cream treat on the patio. Last week we combined two of our favorite meals, breakfast and dessert, and came up with these delicious Honey Nut Cheerios™ Ice Cream Bars! They’re layered with banana slices and vanilla ice cream, so basically your favorite bowl of cereal morphed into a sweet and cool treat to enjoy anytime.
Cheerios Ice Cream Bars - One Little Minute Blog-13 Cheerios Ice Cream Bars - One Little Minute Blog-12 The of the layers of cereal on the bottom and top make this an easy-to-eat finger food, which is always a big win with kids. Also, they’re sweet without being heavy, and almost have me convinced that we should just eat them for breakfast, too.  Cheerios Ice Cream Bar - One Little Minute Blog-1 As soon as I imagined these bars in my head, I could’t wait to pick up a new box of Honey Nut Cheerios™ some bananas, and some vanilla ice cream on a quick trip to Walmart. You can use this coupon to grab a box and make your own! I also bought some wax paper to make the bars easy to release from the pan, and for wrapping and storing the finished dessert bars in the freezer.

The Cheerios™ Ice Cream Bars are super simple to make and so far have been high pleasers in my house. Here’s what you’ll need: Read More »


Five Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin

It’s no secret that I love where we live. Austin, Texas feels like home in every way. As we have explored I have discovered more and more favorite activities, neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, and of course food trucks.

When I heard that Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water was asking Texans to share why they love where they live, I couldn’t wait to jump on board and share five of my favorite Austin Food Truck Treats, all perfect for the beautiful summertime weather.
5 Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin, TX - One Little Minute Blog-2 Ozarka Spring water is a Texas original, gathered from three different springs around the state it has that refreshing Texas taste. We try to support local whenever we can, and so it is a no-brainer to drink Ozarka water as we are out around town, on hiking adventures, and to toss a couple bottles into the pool bag to spend the day swimming. As part of this new initiative, Ozarka send me curated box full of Texas goodies, all of which were new to me and I am so excited to try!

Paqui tortilla chips are all natural and so good. I ate the bag in about five seconds. Snow BBQ sauce was named Best in Texas by Texas Monthly, and we will be using it at our next barbecue for sure. I’ve been on a hot sauce kick and was excited to discover this Yellowbird Habanero hot sauce. It was fun to see some sauces from the Jelly Queens. I love unique flavors when cooking at home and the black garlic rosemary sauce will be fun to try. Finally, I can’t wait to whip up some more homemade hot pretzels to use with the Taste Elevated mustard seeds. Mustard has always been my favorite condiment, and this chunky seeds look amazing. Food Truck Treats Austin, TX- One Little Minute Blog-1 All of the little tasting samples together make quite an awesome meal at home. And  we love getting out of the house in the evening to treat the kids to something sweet downtown at one of the many Austin food trucks. Here are five of my favorite food truck treats in Austin:
5 Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin, TX - One Little Minute Blog-2-2 1. I’ve talked about Holy Cacao before (here) but it truly is one of my very favorite frozen treats in the city. The frozen hot chocolate taste like a liquid dark chocolate bar and it is so good. It is a must stop when we have visitors in town, or when we’re looking for a delicious frozen treat. 5 Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin, TX - One Little Minute Blog-1-2 5 Favorite Food Truck Treats in Austin, TX - One Little Minute Blog-6 2. I grew up loving churros, so when ChurroCo Austin opened I was so excited to check them out. Their menu of gourmet churros doesn’t disappoint, and this campfire churro is the perfect combination for summertime. Read More »


Ice Cream Cone Tray DIY

Ice Cream Cone Tray DIY- Miranda Anderson for World Market-6 How did it become July?

The summer is just rolling right along, and we’re loving every pool day, barbecue, and homemade ice cream cone! To solve the problem of tipping cones, and have somewhere to set the fresh waffle cones we’ve been making lately, I create this Ice Cream Cone Tray DIY.  Ice Cream Cone Tray DIY- Miranda Anderson for World Market-12 It’s pretty simple, and so useful. We’ve used it regularly in the last couple weeks, which makes the work and time of making it so worthwhile. Even when the kids are playing and eating their ice cream outside and need to run in to go to the bathroom, it’s been awesome to have a place for them to set their cones so I don’t end up with five in my hands! Read More »

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Indoor Patio Room

Ahhh, you know that feeling when you finally finish a big project and your shoulders straighten, your breathing slows, and you can’t stop smiling? That’s how I feel today. Our indoor patio room has been months in the making. Most of that time it actually sat empty while I worked on the skim-coated walls little by little (in and around doing other projects like wallpapering the guest bathroom and redesigning our bedroom.) The whole space turned out just as I imagined and is a really wonderful addition to our home. Let me tell you more about it! Indoor Patio Room - One Little Minute Blog-5 Indoor Patio Room - One Little Minute Blog-1-3 When we built this house, this room–a little awkwardly placed off of the main hallway, around the corner from the kitchen– was sold listed as the dining room on the floor plan. We started with a table in here, but it felt just far enough away from the kitchen and the main eating and hanging out space in the house to not work for us. Combined with the more casual nature of our family, and the really wonderful dining area we created on the covered back patio, it was an easy decision to do away with the dining room and create something else.

As I was browsing the internet, I came across this costal house feature and instantly fell in love with the indoor patio room! The hammock, plant-lined walls, and breezy feeling all felt so easy and lovely for a home. It was just what our house needed.
Indoor Patio Room - One Little Minute Blog-1-2 Indoor Patio Room - One Little Minute Blog-2 Because the front door is a long way from the back of the house, where our family room and kitchen are located, having a sitting area that is mid-way into the house also helps with having company in for a few minutes. We’ve also loved having a couch in a room without the tv, so we can sit, chat, and relax without that distraction.

I decided on a black wall to anchor the room, and make it feel intentional. It works really well on the wall with the window, because the light is still able to come in and bounce around on the freshly painted white side walls, keeping the mood bright and fresh. I worked with Sherwin Williams, who I adore, to choose paint colors and types, and they generously provided the paint. We went with Tricorn Black in their cool Emerald paint with flat sheen, which has all the washability of a glossier sheen, but with a gorgeous suede-like flat texture. For the walls I went with Extra White, also in  Emerald paint and flat. It was trickier than I expected choosing the perfect white, but this one is bright, but still warm feeling. Indoor Patio Room - One Little Minute Blog-6 Read More »


Houseplants 101: Keeping Indoor Plants Alive and Happy

About three years ago I picked up a couple succulents at Trader Joe’s on a whim. They were coming into trend, I had just moved to the desert of Austin, TX, and I was excited to finally have a house with big windows where I could try to grow something green. Since then, houseplants have become one of my favorite decorations, and keeping them healthy and beautiful has been a favorite new hobby. I have people ask me all the time about how to take care of houseplants, so I’m excited to share a few tips for caring for houseplants today! Houseplants 101 - One Little Minute Blog-1 Houseplants 101 - One Little Minute Blog-1

This post is also my first in a series in partnership with At Home! I’m excited to have joined the At Home Inspiration Team, and will be sharing some monthly ideas for how I incorporate some of their vast inventory of home and patio items into my home. The first time I experienced an At Home Store was here in Texas, and I was totally blown away by the huge selection of patio furniture, planter pots, baskets and rugs– and that was only the first third of the store!
Houseplants 101 - One Little Minute Blog-2 Houseplants 101 - One Little Minute Blog-7 Summertime is the perfect time to start bringing the outside in, with some greenery indoors. It’s also a perfect time to repot and fertilize plants that have been dormant during the winter. I chose an eclectic variety of planter pots and baskets from At Home for a general plant upgrade.

Some of my plants had been living in their plastic pots for months, and they all feel so much more finished as decor when they’re intentionally potted. From basic, southwestern terra cotta (in every size and shape) to natural woven baskets, I keep my palate neutral and mix and match the styles and shapes to meet the needs of the rooms and the plant sizes. Read on for all of my houseplant tips! Read More »

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Minivan Movie Night

Eliot turns five-years-old today! As he’s grown up, so has his deep love of wearing costumes, jumping on the trampoline, and watching movies. We have a family movie night every Friday, so we switched it up with a fun new movie night idea!

Instead of watching at home, we had a minivan movie night to enjoy the The Land Before Time DVD, which was one of my childhood favorites. We don’t have a DVD player in the house, since we’re usually streaming movies, so I transformed the car into our theatre by taking out the front row seats, laying down a blanket, and piling pillows in for us to lounge on. The kids eyes grew wide with excitement as they saw our minivan movie theater!  Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-10 Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-9 Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-6 A few weeks ago I had a bizarre dream, that involved some white chocolate and sprinkle-covered popcorn, and I woke up craving it. I decided to add a build your own popcorn bar to our movie night, and grabbed some Pop Secret, white chocolate chips, caramel balls, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, gummy bears, and red hots at Walmart on the way home from errands to make this fun popcorn recipe happen.  Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-1 The easiest way to make the popcorn movie snack turned out to be scooping a handful of each desired treat into a bowl, adding freshly popped popcorn to the top and letting it melt the chocolate a bit. Then stir the popcorn around into the melted chocolate and caramel, coating it lightly. I also chilled the mix in the refrigerator for a few minutes to keep little fingers from being too messy. Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-2 Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-4 Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-5 We drove over to a local park and turned on the show next to the duck pond. The view was pretty, and the kids thought the gaggle of geese watching us was pretty funny too.  Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-13 Minivan Movie Night- One Little Minute Blog-7 It wasn’t until we were almost to the lake, with The Land Before Time movie all hyped up for our kids, that I realized the car has a regular DVD player and I had a Blu Ray disc! Luckily, we had a stack of movies on hand and promised them that we would download the included digital version today so we can stream it at home for our weekly Friday night movie. Something else to look forward to! And I think we’ll break out the white chocolate sprinkle popcorn again!

For your own family movie night, whether in the minivan or not, head to Walmart to grab The Land Before Time: The Complete Collection DVD available now, while supplies last!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® , Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Pop Secret, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Pop4LandB4time

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Braided Boho Sundress

Happy First Day of Sundresses!

I confess, I didn’t spend even one minute of today at the pool like I would have liked to, but I did put on my swimsuit to take photos of this new braided boho sundress to share. I whipped it up last night as part of Melissa‘s annual 30 Days of Sundresses series.
Braided Boho Sundress- One Little Minute Blog-1 Braided Boho Sundress- One Little Minute Blog-2 This year I had the fun of sewing something from Melly’s newly released book Sundressing: 21 Easy, Breezy Dresses for Women and Girls! From the moment I got her book in the mail I was gushing over the way she provides not only some fun inspiration for sewing sundresses, but also a basic bodice block with step-by-step instructions to modify it to make any of the sundresses she shows and more! Braided Boho Sundress- One Little Minute Blog-3 Braided Boho Sundress- One Little Minute Blog-5 Braided Boho Sundress- One Little Minute Blog-6 Most of the dresses are sleeveless, of course, as sundresses tend to be. And I generally wear sleeves unless I am headed to the pool or beach, so I choose a dress that felt really boho and cozy to wear as a comfy swimsuit cover-up this year.

This dress is called the Bellevue, and the instructions in Sundressing were written for little girls. Because of the drapey fit and option to use knit fabric, it modified easily to be used for an adult dress–I absolutely adore it.
Braided Boho Sundress- One Little Minute Blog-4
Braided Boho Sundress- One Little Minute Blog-8

Read More »


Girls Trip Austin, TX– A Three Day Itinerary

When we moved to Austin  three years ago, I could never have imagined how hard and fast I would fall for this city. Not only is the weather beautiful most of the year enabling an active outdoor culture, but it has much to offer in amazing food, cool activities, great local shopping, and an overall super hip vibe.

I have been trying to convince my old friends to come join me for a girls trip in Austin and thought that if I put together the itinerary I might woo them down. I have partnered with Murad skin care to share my Austin, Texas weekend girls trip, including some of the best spots in the city for hanging with your besties.

Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-1
First off, you’ll want to stay downtown near all the fun.

Hotel Saint Cecilia is the queen bee of cool hotels in Austin, located in the heart of South Congress. The iconic hotel is complete with private grounds and the Instagram-famous SOUL pool. The rooms are a bit pricey, so this is a great one for a splurge.

Kimber Modern offers clean lines, thoughtfully designed modern decor, and great location along South Congress. It is one of Austin’s premier boutique hotels, and would be a fun place to call home on your stay.

Hotel San Jose is a lush, bungalow-style hotel also along the bustling South Congress Avenue. In addition to the mid-century industrial Texan decor, the hotel offers a full calendar of events, so you’re always sure to be in the happening spot. Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-8

Day One

We’ll start with my favorite brunch down at South Congress Café, because no girls trip is complete without brunch. This little place fills up quickly so go early to get a seat. I always order the migas, but have been tempted by the carrot cake French Toast as well. The cafe’s location right along South Congress Avenue shopping district make it a perfect place to start the day.

While nearby, make sure to stop in at Uncommon Objects (which is like your great aunt’s attic, with curiosities everywhere you look!) A couple stores down pop in at Limbo Jewelry to try on their beautiful, minimal pieces for everyday wear, then visit Tesoros beautiful international market. Before leaving South Congress also stop in at Parts and Labour , which carries mostly local mostly locally design pieces and is a fun place to grab and “I Heart TX” T-shirt. You will “Heart TX” before you know it! Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-4 For lunch head a few blocks over to Elizabeth St. Café which has the best ramen and banh mi around, not to mention their amazing French pastries. (Tuck a couple into your bag for a late-night snack!) Then on South First street, visit the “Greetings from Austin” mural. Continue some fun shopping along South Lamar at the beautiful home goods boutiques Mockingbird Domestics and Nanni Inez.

The lazy summer afternoons in Austin are well-spent laying by the water at Barton Springs Pool. This natural swimming hole is an Austin staple, and the most refreshing way to beat the heat and catch some great people watching. Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-6 After freshening up back at the hotel, head out for dinner on the beautiful patio at Contigo. Enjoy the fresh air, fried green beans with sriracha sauce, and the best farmhouse burger in town. Finish the evening by catching some live music at the Stubbs outdoor stage and dancing the night away in the Live Music Capital of the World.

Day Two

Start today with a Stand-Up Paddleboard workout on Town Lake cruising down to see the beautiful skyline. All that exercise works up an appetite, and Hillside Pharmacy is a sweet place to recharge. After waking up and eating up, see the lake from a different perspective, grabbing bikes at one of the many local B-Cycle stops around town, and heading down to pedal along the Lady Bird Lake trail. It goes on for miles, with lots of fun people and duck-watching along the way. Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-14 For lunch, make your way over to one of the many Torchy’s Tacos locations, where you can get wild tacos and the best queso in town. (For more authentic street-style  tacos, visit Las Trancas on East Ceasar Chavez.) Order a Topo Chico with your meal and people will think you’re local. Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-3

Spend an hour wandering through the Umlauf Sculpture Gardens. It’s free all summer long and a great place to recharge a bit. The nearby wildflower center is perfect for plant-enthusiasts. If you want to take a piece of the Texas flora home, head over to East Austin Succulents and pick out a favorite cactus baby as a souvenir. Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-13 For dinner tonight, have some Texas BBQ. I’m not much of a barbeque gal (I know! Blasphemy!) but the very best I’ve had is from Stiles Switch, and I’ll happily take my girlfriends there anytime. The mac and cheese is really great (and I am very much a mac and cheese gal.)

For your evening entertainment, head to The Hideout Theatre to catch an improv act. The shows go on twice nightly on the weekends, and you can go early and enjoy some old school tea and chess in the cafe while you wait for the show.

Day Three

Sleep in, you deserve it. When you’re ready, head over to brunch at the darling Josephine House. I go for the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, and we can share the fresh fruit and honey with burette. (Yum!) Stop in at some of the new shops popping up along east sixth street on the way to take a craft class at The Paper+Craft Pantry or just shop the sweet paper, party, and home goods selections. Girls Trip Austin --One Little Minute Blog In the afternoon, soak up a little Austin culture with a historic walking tour through some of the city’s oldest beautiful buildings. If you’d rather ride, the segway tour is one of the most fun and hilarious things I’ve done downtown. Stop in at Walton’s Fancy and Staple for a great salad and sandwich lunch, and grab a golden egg. It’s delightful.

For an afternoon treat, try the Banarchy food truck You’ll get a frozen dipped banana rolled in all of your favorite toppings. I always go for chocolate with toffee and coconut. And, fair warning, you’ll crave them when you’ve returned back home.

Keeping with the food trucks for dinner, order some made-to-order Italian at Patrizi’s. The bruschetta appetizer  is a great way to enjoy the short wait for your delicious, fresh food, and if you’re lucky there will be live music playing on the patio while you eat.

Finish off the night with drinks and music at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, where the highest tip gets to choose the next song. Even if you sit back and listen to other’s requests, you’re sure to hear some old favorites, and the energy is contagious. Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-5 On the way back to the hotel, make one last stop at the newly opened VooDoo Doughnut, serving up fresh pastries 24 hours a day. Skip the fancy-topped styles and try the Mango Tango or Texas Peach Fritter, which are both fresh, fruity, and delicious. Go to bed and dream about your next trip to Austin! Girls Trip to Austin, TX-- One Little Minute Blog-12  So, who’s going to come join me for this amazing weekend girls trip in Austin? These recommendations are just the beginning of what I’ve discovered is a never-ending list of great activities, restaurants, and sights here in the city. You might have to make your girls trip a regular thing!

For some other Austin area recommendations, check out my Around Austin series!

Created in partnership with Murad.


DIY Jedi Robe for Kids

We were at a play date last week at a neighbor’s house when Milo came running down in a jedi robe. It was simply sewn out of a beautiful brown linen fabric, and after some quick examination I was determined to add DIY Jedi Robe to my to-sew list for the kids. Just a day later, when we were out fabric shopping for a summer dress, the boys grabbed a bolt of brown linen and the project moved up the list to next-in-line.
DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-11 DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-9 DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-19

I have ideas for new projects to sew all the time, but it is hard to make the time to actually do them! There are simply so many other things that I could be doing at any given part of the day.  Like laundry.  Never ending baskets of laundry.

But Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is helping me make time for both. I’ve used it on my linens for about a year, and recently started using it with the rest of my laundry, too.  It is making such a difference! For example, I manage my laundry by letting clean clothes pile up and folding everything at once, instead of folding each load right out of the dryer.  In the past, the folded clothes would still be wrinkled from being crumpled in the baskets and I had to pull out the iron for easily-wrinkled fabrics (like this Jedi linen).  But now I simply spray as I fold; the wrinkles smooth out and the clothes feel refreshed.

I’m excited to partner with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus today to share a tutorial so you can make your own DIY Jedi Robe. Or if you don’t sew, grab a coupon to try it out and save time for the things you do love!

DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-18 DIY Jedi Robe for Kids- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-14

This DIY Jedi Robe doesn’t use a pattern, but instead only requires a few basic measurements and a little bit of eyeballing. Also, instead of wasting time hemming all of the edges, I simply serged them with my Baby Lock Diana, which was another way to simplify the project. Sometimes “done” is better than “perfect,” and these kids are way happier with unhemmed robes than none at all! Read More »

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Boredom Busters Summer Kit

Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-5 Oh Summertime. There is so very much to love, and I get excited thinking about the pool days and hikes, vacations and movie nights. And I also get a little bit of anxiety about entertaining my three kiddos all summer long without the structure of regular school schedule! It was with that challenge in mind that my friend Andrea set out to collaborate with a few other bloggers to create this awesome printable Boredom Buster Kit.

Everyone contributed one project that is something a child (ages 6-12) could independently complete, effectively creating hours of independent and interactive fun for the kids to be able to print out and set up in a pinch. My contribution was a DIY Backyard Explorer Kit that uses household items and supplies to create binoculars, a cross body collection bag, and a field memo notebook that then can be used for spotting, collecting, and recording all sorts of backyard discoveries! Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-12 Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-9 Bugs! Flowers! Rocks! Tadpoles! Almost anything is new and exciting with the right eyes, and children seem to have them. I sat down with my littles to create the kits (we’ve actually made them twice now. That’s a nice thing about a printable!) and we had so much fun. The boys decided to become “Backyard Spies” instead of explorers, which I loved. Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-11 Boredom Buster Kit downloadable PDF kids ages 6-12- Miranda Anderson for One Little Minute Blog-7 I’m always trying to come up with fun ways for the kids to stay engaged in an outdoor activity, and this seems to work well for a while. Having some hands-on supplies to make and use brings the whole activity to a new, creative level.  Read More »

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