In The Sewing Closet:
Janome Sewist 525S sewing machine (a Christmas present from Santa in 2006)
Janome MyLock 634D serger (a Christmas present from Santa in 2007)

My earliest memory of sewing was when I was about eight, and my sister and I would walk from Howard R. Driggs Elementary School to the basement of a nearby home for sewing lessons. My mom, a fantastic seamstress, had incentivized our sewing practice by promising to buy us one new item of clothing (of our choosing–which for me back then was GAP Kids!!) for every TWO wearable items that we made for ourselves. I know I made at least two tee shirts…and the navy blue jumper of teacup fabric that I was so proud of making is still floating around in a closet somewhere at Mom’s house!

I didn’t sew much during my highly social teen years, but found a use for it once more as a twenty-something with less clothes money than sewing skills! I found that my lessons came in very handy, and I’ve been experimenting with custom sewing, pattern-making, and repurposing ever since!

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