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Little Orphan Annie Costume

Annie Costume

Soooo, remember in my last post where I said I had one more costume to share for the year? I lied. I have two. This next one to share today, and another (which was actually one of my absolute favorites and I can’t believe I forgot about it!!) tomorrow. That will conclude my contribution to […]


Max the Bunny Costume

Max the Bunny Costume 1

Have you heard of Max and Ruby? I hadn’t until one of my favorite clients emailed me her costume ideas for her two children. Her girl was to be Little Orphan Annie ¬†and her eighteen month old son was to be Max. Well, Milo and I have since become huge Max and Ruby fans, and […]


Cabbage Patch Doll Costume with a DIY Yarn Wig

Cabbage Patch Doll Costume

Coming up with a new costume idea is one of my favorite things. When my friend Cassi asked for suggestions for her darling daughter, the first thing that popped into my head was a Cabbage Patch Doll! Ruby is especially adorable, with huge blue eyes and round cheeks, so she totally fit the part. Cabbage […]

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A League of Their Own Team Costumes

Jimmy Dugan Costume 1

Happy Halloween! It’s felt a little like Halloween since June around here, since that’s about when I started thinking about and taking orders for costumes. You would think I’d be totally sick of them by now…but I’m not! Okay, the sewing through the night gets a little old, but I seriously adore creating costumes, and […]


Shirley Temple Costume

Shirley Temple Costume

Halloween season is both insanely busy and incredibly exciting for me. I started making custom costumes on a whim a three years ago, and now I love seeing what cool ideas show up in my inbox! I have scaled way back from the last couple years (30 Olivia the Pig costumes¬†last year was a bit […]

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